Live Review: Hinds at Gorilla in Manchester 20/2/16

Live Review from Hinds in Manchester

Live Review from Hinds in Manchester

I remember the first time I heard Hinds. Woken up by the sun through the curtains with a whole Saturday ahead of me, I stumbled across someone hyping them up on Facebook and was instantly hooked. A perfect pairing; lost in the summery, surf-pop vibes as I lay in tranquillity.

It’s fair to say Hinds are doing *pretty* well at the minute. The past two months have seen the Spanish quartet out across Europe on the ‘Leave Me Alone World Tour Part 1’, playing to sold out crowds in nearly every country they step foot in. The hype is spread far and wide, with their UK run seeing them playing to packed out houses nearly every night. Their performance at Koko in London looked insane, so I made sure I was at Gorilla when they made their way to Manchester last week.

Tour buddies for their UK shows have been Public Access T.V. These guys scream NEW YORK from the minute you see them, but it’s no bad thing. Glimmers of The Strokes and a dash of The Cars are a small part of what makes up Public Access TV; the set being loaded with danceable, up-tempo indie jams. The chap on guitar nearest me was rocking the Humbug-era-Alex-Turner look, which is an immediate thumbs up.

In Love and Aloneis a strong indicator of how stupidly catchy these chaps are, with a delightful throwback 60’s sing-along chorus mixing it up in the sound, backed by a thumping drumbeat akin to fellow New Yorkers Blondie.

The energy of front man John Eatherly is just as infectious as the tunes, contrasting against the laidback cool of guitarist Xan Aird. Our Alex Turner throwback features the most delectable little riff on their latest single ‘On Location,’ and they’re a great pairing for the fun-loving girls from Madrid.

Aside from rubbing shoulders with best buds Hinds, Public Access T.V. have been working on their debut album, with a release expected this year. If tonight is anything to go by, it’s likely you’ll be seeing more of the New Yorkers over the coming months.

Public Access T.V. (Photo Credit: Valerio Berdini)

Public Access T.V. (Photo Credit: Valerio Berdini)

After shilling out a month’s wages on a couple of cans of lager, I stood around for a spell trying to mask the fact that I was three sheets to the wind. Thankfully it wasn’t too long before the Spanish quartet made their arrival. Guitarist and vocalist Carlotta Cosials lets out a huge “Que Pasa, Manchester!” as the rest of the band get set up, with her bubbly  greeting being matched in enthusiasm by the packed crowd at Gorilla. It’s clear from the minute they began the slow jangle of ‘Warning With The Curling’ that the show was going to be a screamer. The sultry vocals of Carlotta drifting over the rumbling groove makes for a superb opener; the band feeding off the energy of the crowd, keeping it bubbling under the surface until that tremendous kazoo part kicks in.

Her partner in crime, Ana Perrote, creates luscious, dreamlike vocals with Carlotta; singing about partying, having a good time and the perils and vulnerability that come with love. Their debut album ‘Leave Me Alone’ is picking up heaps of praise left and right, and the songs from it are just as delightful live as they are on record.

It was easy to forget how cold it is outside, as Gorilla was transformed by infectious, sun soaked jams like ‘Chili Town, ‘Garden’, ‘Fat Calmed Kiddos and ‘Bamboo’, with the opening lines from the latter still stuck in my head as I write this. The crowd are overcome by what takes place, letting the jangly guitar sounds and alluring vocals wash over them.

It’s hard not to be taken in by the charm of Hinds. Besides their wealth of contagious, surf-pop smashers, they’ve got a really fun attitude about (seemingly) everything. Smiles etched on their faces, the four bezzie mates look to be having a laugh throughout the evening, buzzing off the energy of the live crowd and cheap rider beers. Before the start of one tune (‘Castigadas en el Graneromaybe?) the three girls up front stood in tight formation, angling their guitars in unison as they strum the opening chords, trying to stifle laughter, whilst drummer Amber Grimbergen grins from behind her kit.

They mention that the last time they were up North was at The Castle Hotel (back when they were known as Deers), where they played to a sold out crowd of 80. It’s similar to the story I occasionally bore people with, about how I could’ve gone to see Wolf Alice play the intimate Fallow Café a few years back… Gorilla was absolutely heaving on Saturday night, so it’s pretty mindblowing to know they once played The Castle. One can only imagine the sweatbox it must’ve been back in 2014…

Following a much appreciated encore, our Senoritas for the evening said Adios to Manchester with declarations of thanks and love, leaving a sea of smiling, sweaty punters in their wake. I made a sharp exit from Gorilla, a little bit in love (and fully smashed) having found the heart of Saturday night.

HINDS (Photo Credit:  Paula Piqueras and Pau Bonet)

HINDS (Photo Credit: Paula Piqueras and Pau Bonet)

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