Exclusive: Stream ‘Peggy’ – The delectable new single from Orchards

Orchards – Sam, Lucy, Will and Dan

Ever since catching them live on a stacked Little Cavalier show back in December, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on Brighton based math-pop four-piece Orchards.

That night, in the close confines of The Flapper, they totally blew me away. Boasting a wealth of dynamic, infectious math-pop jams with one hell of a strong vocal leading the charge, they instantly made themselves known within just one song.

Now four months on from that exhilarating introduction, and with new vocalist Lucy Evers on board, Ochards are back in a big way! Birthday Cake For Breakfast is extremely pleased to bring you their latest single – the incredible ‘Peggy’.

To coincide with its release, there’s also an interview below with guitarist Sam Rushton, in which he discusses the new single and what we can expect over the coming months from Orchards (including a potentially not-so-subtle nod to a beloved festival!)

BCFB: ‘Peggy’ is thrusting its way into the world today – How chuffed are you all to get it out for people to hear?
Sam: We can’t wait for people to hear it, man. It’s been a while coming now since our last single ‘Tell Me What You Want’ and we feel that this is a good introduction to the new songs that we have coming out this year.

What’s the story behind Peggy? 
It came from a riff our drummer had. He brought it to practice and we all began to arrange it and it fell into place quite easily. 

Did you have a game plan in mind when you were writing and recording? What sort of stuff was acting as inspiration during the production process?
The song was “finished” for a while before we went to record it, and then the night before we went to the studio we gave it a massive re-vamp in the practice tomb. It was a scary thing to do because we wrote and arranged totally new sections and just had to just trust ourselves that it was good!

We recorded it with Thom Le Beau Morley who has produced Delta Sleep, Quadrilles & Olympians to name a few, so we knew our baby would be in good hands! We went into the studio with our own pre production ideas and then obviously collaborated with Thom and together the production went up a level. I guess the inspiration just came from the atmosphere of the studio (a converted warehouse in London) record by day, couple of drinks by night and it all flowed pretty smoothly!

There’s been some photos up on the old Facebook featuring glittery, religious Orchards prior to the single release – How were the recording sessions for the video?
Ahhh well they were FREEZING. Using an old abandoned church sounds like a good idea, until your director says he can’t put the heaters on because they light the room incorrectly! We’re still finding glitter EVERYWHERE and I mean, everywhere.

You’ve had a bit of a line-up change ahead of the release of the new single. How have you been getting on with your new vocalist on board, and how has the dynamic changed?
We’ve known Lucy for years, so it’s been a really easy transition. It’s breathed a new life into the band to be honest, we’re writing more than we have in months.

You’ve also been working on some new material right? How’s that working out?
The new tunes are sounding BIG. Like I said, we’ve been writing so much and we’re all really pleased with the way they’re sounding. The writing process has been flowing very easily and it feels more natural than it has before.

With the release of Peggy, I take it we’re going to be seeing a lot more of your smiling faces over the coming months – What sort of shows have you got upcoming?
You definitely will be! We’ve got some shows booked around the country and we may or may not be hitting up some festivals in the summer, but might not be allowed to say anything else on the matter.

Be sure to keep in touch with Orchards through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for further updates and more glittery, church based photographs!

Peggy - The brand new single from Brighton based quartet Orchards

Peggy – The brand new single from Brighton based quartet Orchards

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