Hey, have you heard about…Peaks

Peaks - The solo venture from Manchester's Ben Forrester

Peaks – The solo venture from Manchester’s Ben Forrester (Photo Credit: Andy Hillock)

With it pissing it down outside, I had to take my eyes away from the window, away from the visions of sodden clothes and mammoth puddles. On grey afternoon’s like today, it’s warmth one’s after. The solution, I’ve found, is with a mug of coffee and the debut single from Manchester’s Peaks.

Peaks is the latest venture of Ben Forrester (he of deceased Manchester duo Bad Grammar) so you know you’re in good hands.

Having released a number of demos at the tail end of last year, Ben has officially found his feet with the mid-February release of the captivating ‘Better Off As Bears.’ The tranquil, heartfelt debut offers a delightful glimpse of what we can expect from Peaks. Listen to that closing minute as well – danceable as you like!

Details surrounding Peaks are still thin on the ground, though there is a debut EP in the works for release this spring, as well as a number of live performances pencilled in.

Speaking with Birthday Cake For Breakfast about the new project, Ben had this to say:

“The idea behind Peaks is to combine as many different aspects of my extremely varied musical tastes. I initially wanted the sound of Peaks to be regimented to one style, but it wasn’t until I uncovered some demos that I’d been working on years ago that I felt that blending sounds together was the most enticing option. I wanted the first official track that I released to be somewhat of a departure from some of the other ventures that I’d done before.

I think ‘Better Off As Bears’ is a good ambassador for this project and it has a good contrast of sounds with these expansive, reverb drenched guitars matched with simplistic, electro-pop rhythms. I’m quite into the idea of making as many different sub-genres as I can with each track I write

Listen to the debut offering from Peaks below, and be sure to keep an eye on Facebook for further updates from this exciting new venture.

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