Hey, have you heard about…Classically Handsome Brutes

Leeds trio Classically Handsome Brutes

Leeds trio Classically Handsome Brutes

Fucking hell, here we go again – Another excellent band from Leeds. Change the bloody record! Or better yet, leave it on.

Noise aficionados Classically Handsome Brutes have been knocking it out of the park since 2012, shouting and shredding their way across Leeds. Late last year they put out the schizophrenic juggernaut ‘Prolegomena’; full to the brim with horrid riffs, throat shredding shouty bits and sounds akin to Birmingham boys Blakfish and Shapes. Their pulverising, heart-pumping, ‘Smell-the-shit’ head banging blend of math-core heaviness – It’s fucking great!

But it wasn’t until March of this year that they came to my attention. An uncovered gem, it was signing to Southern label Till Deaf Do Us Party Records and their latest release ‘Gabbleratchet’ that turned out to be just the ticket, with the pairing proving to be a match made in heaven.

Classically Handsome Brutes are for sure one to keep an eye on. A new EP is in the works, and their building up quite the tick-list of bands they’ve worked with. If you like watching great bands playing together, then you can catch them on this tremendous bill with Cleft, Bearfoot Beware and &U&I!
Their latest single also came with a hilariously madcap video to accompany its brain-frying radness, which you can see for yourself below:

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