Touring 101: USA Nails hit the road in new video for ‘I Am In A Van’

Am I A Man Or Not? Steven of USA Nails in Brussels

No Pleasure’, the sophomore album from London-based USA Nails, was a definite highlight of last year. If I had the mental capacity to put one together, it definitely would’ve made my end of year list (incidentally, there was a Birthday Cake For Breakfast ‘Best of 2015’ that USA Nails frontman Steven Hodson contributed to…)

Following the release of their second album, USA Nails hit the road and blasted through a European tour. No strangers to European shows, previous tours have involved dislocated shoulders, champagne mouth showers and pissing the bed (as discussed in an interview with the band from ArcTanGent last year.)
This time around, their escapades were mostly caught on camera by guitarist Gareth Thomas, all of which can be seen below in their brand new video for ‘I Am In A Van.

The bone-shakingly horrid yet infectious riff drives this song (like they drove their van through Europe, whey!) as Steven shouts in your face about all the things that he’s not prepared to do.

USA Nails are one of the many wonderful bands making up a hell of a Sunday at this weekend’s Handmade Festival. They’re joined by the likes of Three Trapped Tigers and Alpha Male Tea Party at Scholars Bar, with a heap load of rad bands across the three days! For more information on Handmade Festival, head here.

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