Birthday Cake For Breakfast presents: 11 MUST SEE bands at 2000trees 2016

10 Years of Excellence - 2000trees returns for 2016!

10 Years of Excellence – 2000trees returns for 2016!

Not content with putting on one of the UK’s best festivals nine years in a row, 2016 will see 2000trees return for their tenth year, boasting an impeccable line-up. They truly are going all out for their milestone year!

In true 2000trees fashion, there are a huge number of bands playing across the weekend that I’ve not even heard of. That’s one of the things that makes the three-day mini-holiday in Cheltenham so great – discovering new bands. With that in mind, Birthday Cake For Breakfast has put together a small number of bands that you cannot miss at this year’s shindig – Check them out below!


And So I Watch You From Afar

One of the last bands announced for this year’s festival, but easily the band that’s got Birthday Cake For Breakfast the most excited! And So I Watch You From Afar were a major highlight of last year’s 2000trees, putting on an incredibly uplifting and captivating performance. The Northern Irish quartet are just brilliant – A sure highlight of any bill they appear on.
Come and find me in the pit and let’s get lost in the moment together, yeah?


The Xcerts

Another band returning to muddy Upcote Farm this year is Scottish heartbreakers The Xcerts. Last year the trio put on a blinding performance, completely mesmerising the huge crowd that came out to see them on the main stage. Expect huge heartfelt choruses and maybe the odd tear or two when Murray goes it alone for ‘Aberdeen 1987’.
The Xcerts are also doing double duty this year, with a stripped back performance as part of the Forest Sessions, which will surely be heart-swellingly good!


The Magic Gang

Sleeper hit of the festival – mark my words.
Infectious, sun-soaked jams aplenty, The Magic Gang will be bringing their feel-good oeuvre to a load of festivals this summer, with 2000trees getting right in on the action! They’ve recently been bigged up by Joel of Wolf Alice as one to watch and are racking up fans like crazy. Definite chilled-out vibes in the sun whilst you try not to puke your guts up from the night before.



Hot on the heels of the release of their third album ‘Stranger Things’ and a shed-load of dates across the UK and overseas, 2000trees is welcoming Yuck with open arms this summer. For that, Birthday Cake For Breakfast could not be happier. Their fuzzy blend of 90’s-esque indie-rock will be the perfect accompaniment to the wonderful combination of consuming alcohol in a field whilst it’s sunny. A definite must-see at this year’s festival.   


Dinosaur Pile-Up

When they’re not busy splitting ear drums across the UK, Dinosaur Pile-Up can normally be found obliterating skulls across the world (as evidenced in the fantastic video for their earth-shattering single ’11:11’) It’s a huge joy that DPU have enough space in their busy schedule to be at Cheltenham this July and you will definitely find me crowd-surfing for these lads. A back catalogue of nothing but hits, it’ll be all killer, no filler!



Utter chaos from start to finish, HECK might just burn the festival down at some point during their set. How else could they top their wild appearance at 2000trees two years ago? The tent looked like a warzone, with a massive wheelie bin being pushed into the pit for people to lose their shit in and around. Everyone knows about these ridiculous live shows by now though, right? Well if you’ve never experienced HECK before, be sure you catch them at 2000trees. You don’t need to stand at the front though – they will come to you.


Demob Happy

Expect gnarly riffs aplenty when Brighton quartet Demob Happy make their arrival at 2000trees. Demob Happy have been grafting like a mother fucker in their relatively short time together, putting out a huge debut record last year and rubbing shoulders on tours with the likes of Death From Above 1979 and The Wytches. You might want to set off early if you hope to make it anywhere near the front…



Easily one of the top picks for this year’s 2000trees, Nottingham trio Kagoule have been favourites of Birthday Cake For Breakfast for years. But I’d imagine you’re already a fan – you’re probably listening to them right now. As well as putting out a huge debut album in ‘Urth’, Kagoule have shared stages with the likes of Johnny Marr and METZ, building up a huge following these past few years and looking cool as fuck in the process. Get ready to lose your shit this summer!



Meet your new favourite band. Brighton trio Tigercub are on the cusp of something great. They put out one of the best EP’s of 2015 in the form of ‘Repressed Semantics’ and they’ve been churning out gloriously groovy riff-fests for years. A favourite of bands like Royal Blood and Dinosaur Pile-Up, it’s only a matter of time before Tigercub drop their debut album and blow up. Do not miss out at 2000trees!


Then Thickens

Then Thickens write songs that make you smile, but when you listen to the lyrics you want to cry.”
That was USA Nails front man Steven Hodson singing the praises of Then Thickens, putting their record ‘Colic’ down as one of his favourites of the year in our ‘Best of 2015 – With a little help from our friends’ feature.
Glittery, heart swelling indie anthems will bring a huge grin to your face before you start to hear some of the lyrics and what lies beneath. Or maybe you’re into that kind of thing – it’s cool.


Jamie Lenman

The sharpest dressed man of any festival, Jamie Lenman will be tearing strips off people this summer at 2000trees. His debut album ‘Muscle Memory’ was packed full of furious, skull-shattering blows from Lenman and his equally suited-and-booted band. Expect a sore neck the next day…
Lenman will also be playing the Forest Sessions at 2000trees, given the other half of his debut album consisted of stripped back, heartfelt  folk and jazz numbers. One minute he’s screaming in your face, the next he’s playing you something to have a little dance to. Don’t miss either.

Agree with these choices? Who do you think we should be checking out? Let us know! Be sure to keep an eye out too for more leading up to this year’s 2000trees.

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