Six of the Best at Dot To Dot Festival 2016 in Manchester

Dot To Dot 2016 - It all goes off in Manchester for another year!

Dot To Dot 2016 – It all goes off in Manchester for another year!

Was it really only a year ago that Birthday Cake For Breakfast was telling you who go to and see at the Manchester leg of Dot To Dot Festival? Yes. Yes it was.

The wonderful three-day, multi-city festival returns this bank holiday weekend with heaps of rad music spread across Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol. But there’s a lot on, right? Worried you’re going to miss out on someone good? Worry no more! Like clockwork, here’s another list highlighting exactly who you must see as Dot To Dot festival kicks off this weekend!

Spring King – Central Methodist Hall 00:15 – 01:00

Manchester's raddest export - Spring King

Manchester’s raddest export – Spring King

Ask most Mancunian’s where the Central Methodist Hall is in their fair city and you’ll be given a blank look. Tucked away up Oldham Street, it’s an absolute gem of a venue; one of the best non-musical discoveries of D2D from last year.  It’s imperative to catch at least one band at Central Methodist Hall this year. Who better than Spring King?

Spring King have been on fire over the past year, gigging relentlessly across the UK and beyond and putting out banger after banger after banger. They recently had a huge showing on ‘Later…With Jools Holland’ and have now got their sights set on a long awaited debut album. Midnight sounds about right – Don’t miss it.

If you don’t already know all there is to know, learn more about Spring King in an interview here.

Blooms – Texture 21:15 – 21:45



Easing you into the evening with silky-smooth, dreamy surf-pop comes Manchester-based but Telford born-and-raised trio Blooms. Their last single ‘Head Is Swimming’ was on heavy rotation at Birthday Cake For Breakfast HQ and will surely get stuck in your head when you make the trip to Texture for quarter past nine!

Diet Cig – The Ruby Lounge 23:15 – 23:45

New York's Diet Cig - Cheers for making the trip

New York’s Diet Cig – Cheers for making the trip

Hella infectious indie-pop coming out of New York City! Dot To Dot falls in at the tail end of Diet Cig’s UK Tour, so what better time to catch the cute-pie duo than when you’re catching your second wind at just after 11? Diet Cig will be bringing the hugely good vibes to The Ruby Lounge before packing up and heading home for the US – Definitely one to get involved with!

Turf – Black Milk 19:15 – 19:45



Another can’t miss venue, this time ‘cus it’s one of those new fangled fucking hipster cereal cafes. So whilst you chow down on a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes out of a bowler hat or something equally fucking daft, you at least need something good to listen to. Step forward Manc quartet Turf. Bring forth the wailing geetars and delirious grooves. Keep it local, yeah?

False Advertising – Whiskey Jar 01:15 – 01:45

False Advertising

False Advertising

Returning to the very spot where they played their second ever show only a year ago, False Advertising are all geared up to show D2D what a year they’ve had. The past twelve months have seen the trio up and down the country on a shedload of primo shows. They also found time to put out their debut album AND a brand new EP. For those keeping score, they’ve also got a new single coming out through the ever wonderful Too Pure Singles Club.

The early hours will not be for sleeping – get your fuzzy kicks at The Whiskey Jar with False Advertising!

Pretty much everything happening at 57 Thomas Street

All the riffs - All the riffs

All the riffs – All the riffs

In a brand new venue space above 57 Thomas Street, THMI are hosting a free entry riff-fest. ‘RIFFSRIFFSRIFFS’ brings together delicious, noisy riffs with delectable craft beers. Headlining the stage is Widnes’ finest Mums, f.k.a. Mothers f.k.a. Aeroplane Flies High. The very reason people bring earplugs to shows. Prepare to get sweaty.

There’s also the tripped out, psych radness of Thing (learn more about them here), the piss-funny mixture of ‘Two big lads and two streaks of piss’ that make up Grotbags f.k.a. Bummer Squad, as well as more riffs than you can shake a stick at from Cassie, All Hail Hyena, Pines and Psyblings. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if you stayed here all night…

Agree with these choices? Who do you think we should be checking out? Want to buy us a beer? Let us know – Get in touch!

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