Exclusive: Listen to ‘RabbitsRabbitsRabbits’ – The first track taken from the debut Peaks EP

'If I Was Dinosaur, I'd Bite Yer Head Off' - The debut EP from Peaks

‘If I Was A Dinosaur, I’d Bite Yer Head Off’ – The debut EP from Peaks

The demoralising bullshit one experiences during the job interview process is something we’ve all been through (except you creeps that actually do what you want for a living…)
It’s the subject of ‘RabbitsRabbitsRabbits‘, the latest track from Peaks, a.k.a. Manchester-based songwriter Ben Forrester. The new single is the first glimpse of the debut Peaks EP ‘If I Was A Dinosaur, I’d Bite Yer Head Off‘ due for release via Bandcamp on June 3rd.

Written and self-produced in the space of two days, the debut EP from the former Bad Grammar front man was put together between Manchester and Shropshire. “This EP kind of came out of nowhere.” Confides Ben when reached for comment. “I woke up hungover one Saturday morning, picked up my guitar and a bunch of ideas came flooding out for the first time in ages, so I thought it would be best to document them as soon as possible. I wanted it to sound a bit bare and raw, to represent the sort of off the cuff environment the songs were conceived in.”

RabbitsRabbitsRabbits follows swiftly on from Peaks debut offering ‘Better Off As Bears’ (featured earlier this year on Birthday Cake For Breakfast) and you can check it out for yourself below. Be sure to keep an eye out for the release of If I Was A Dinosaur, I’d Bite Yer Head Off on Bandcamp later this week.

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