Live Review: Everything Everything at Old Granada Studios in Manchester 27/05/16

(Photo Credit: Adrian Lambert Photography)

(Photo Credit: Adrian Lambert Photography)

Once home to the likes of British institutions such as Granada Reports, University Challenge and Coronation Street; Manchester’s Old Granada Studios has undergone a transformation. In moving with the times, Old Granada Studios is looking to improve upon what’s come before it, with an exciting assortment of plans in the pipeline. One such initiative is Low Four Studio – A new musical venture with an aim to honour and build upon the musical legacy of the site, having previously featured TV debuts from the likes of The Beatles and The Sex Pistols.

The launch night took place on May 27th, with a live session from Manchester’s own Everything Everything. Having become infatuated with the quartet over the past year, it was a delight to find out they would be the band to kick off the inaugural episode of Low Four TV. Delightful too was the opportunity to be one of the lucky thirty-or-so in attendance, having initially caught them on their huge arena tour late last year.

Perched not so high above the band, the audience viewing balcony at the Low Four Studio brings to mind the likes of TFI Friday and in-studio set ups of that ilk. Quite a far cry from their previous sold out performance at Manchester’s O2 Apollo, it allowed for a much more intimate performance. The lay out itself is pretty fantastic, with a multi-camera set-up on hand to capture every joyous moment that Everything Everything dished out.

Keyboard/synth player/creator of wonderful sounds Peter Sené is just tremendous fun live. With energy in abundance, his playing style seems to remain constant whether he’s in front of thousands of people or in the practice room with just the band. At Low Four Studio on Friday night, we were treated to his high energy performance, certainly worthy enough to wear the same slick silver and black attire with the other four.

With the cameras watching their every move, Everything Everything were sublime in this smaller setting. Treating the viewing public at home to a number of hits from their latest record ‘Get To Heavenas well as previous stormers like ‘Kemosabe’, they kept a bit left over in the tank for when the cameras stopped rolling. Returning to as much noise as a 30-strong crowd can make, they provided further delights, including the breathtaking ‘No Reptiles’.

The live recording aspect meant it was slightly strange being unable to sing along and become immersed in tracks, almost waiting patiently for songs to finish before showing appreciation (though I tried my best to get fully into it – silently, without disturbing the camera men…)
But just being able to see Everything Everything in such a close setting was a wonderful experience. An incredible band, their enthusiasm didn’t dip in the transition from thousands to 30-odd and their sound was just as huge.

The launch show will be available tomorrow from 10AM. From here, Low Four will look to nurture and inspire future generations of music and video producers through an education partnership with the University of Salford. Click here for further information on Low Four and how you catch the debut episode from Low Four TV.Low

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