Live Review: Spring King at Band On The Wall in Manchester 10/06/16

Spring King - Album Launch at Band On The Wall

Spring King – Album Launch at Band On The Wall

To everyone with two eyes and a pair of ears, it’s been obvious for a while now that Spring King are on the rise. Not content with huge support slots up and down the country as well as shows across the globe, regular Radio 1 support and an appearance on Jools Holland last month, Spring King have got even more on the horizon. The latest step is their debut full length ‘Tell Me If You Like To’, which had it’s album launch last night in Manchester.

With the historic Band on The Wall rammed with punters, Spring King did what they do best and made their album launch a right royal knees up.

Opening up on the triumphant ‘Better Man’, it was almost like Spring King were on a victory lap before they’d even begun. The band have stated that the new album is an accumulation of all their favourite songs, new and old, and this is pretty much how the evening panned out – A collection of all the best Spring King songs, new and old, condensed into a frantic 40-odd minute set.

After blasting through the title track from the new record, Spring King followed it up with feel-good ‘The Summer’. Aptly titled, it’s an unstoppable monster set to take over the coming weeks and months of yours. Having an infectious chorus is nothing new to these boys, but The Summer in particular is a peach!

Speaking of infectious, let’s talk about the energy in the room! The kids in the pit went pretty much ballistic from the word go; immediately on top of each other and stage diving. There was a hilarious cat and mouse game between stage divers and security throughout the night, with the poor bloke always one step behind. The completely amped up crowd did wonders for the already enthusiastic-as-you-like Spring King.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: guitarist Andy absolutely rips. I really like that each individual member has their own little identity within the band – there’s not just that bloke on the bass or the keyboard player. The band can attest to this i’m sure, being absolutely mobbed an hour later in the bar.

Outside of the old and the new from Tell Me If You Like To, we were also treated to the blissed out ‘They’re Coming After You’ , old favourite ‘Mummaand a throwback to the adrenaline soaked ‘Lets Ride’ – the first single released by the quartet.  It was neat to have one of their biggest recent hits sitting alongside their debut single, with ‘Rectifier’ sending the place batty.

It’s fitting that the penultimate song of the evening was one that’s gained them a huge amount of attention over the past twelve months. Speaking with the band earlier this year, they discussed their amazement at ‘City’, the first track from the new record, being the song to kick off Zane Lowe’s inaugural show on Beats 1. The crowd quite rightly lost their shit, with the numbers doubled for crowd surfing and stage diving.

The whole evening seemed to fly by, but one can only imagine that’s how the past twelve months have felt for the quartet. So that’s their album released; what next? They’re back with a UK headline tour this October – Don’t miss out!

Spring King – Album Launch at Band On The Wall

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