Interview: OhBoy! hit the half-way point with an appearance at Glastonbury Festival

OhBoy! - The noisy bunch from the Midlands

OhBoy! – The noisy bunch from the Midlands

Back in January of this year, loveable label Alcopop! Records added a killer signing to their roster – a late stocking filler, if you will.

OhBoy!, a noisy bunch from the Midlands, made their debut for the label with the huge single ‘Carrot & The Stick.’ Catchier than a Wide Receiver, it had insta-hit written all over it.

Six months on from that delectable little nugget, the group returned this month with the terrific pop-smash that is ‘A Bird In The Hand’; complete with an undeniably catchy chorus and the raddest of closing stretches!

Properly hitting the ground running this lot, the quintet decided to make their 2016 a busy one. As well as regular airplay on the likes of Radio X and the bloody BBC, OhBoy! have been racking up fans almost as quickly as they have festival dates throughout the summer! Kicking it with the big boys at the likes of Handmade Festival, The Great Escape and Camden Rocks, they’ve now just announced a huge bit of news – an appearance at this year’s Glastonbury on the BBC Introducing Stage!

Following on from the recent, tell-all a/s/l feature with guitarist Lee, and with their appearance at Glastonbury literally happening this weekend, Birthday Cake For Breakfast put some questions to OhBoy!, which drummer Mark Nicholas was more than happy to answer.

BCFB: You came to the attention of a number of folk through ‘Carrot & The Stick’ back at the start of the year. There was kind of an explosion of hype, right?
Mark: It really was – a bit of an overwhelming experience for us. We were dead excited to be releasing it to the world, as we had finished it a while back. When Alcopop! came onto team OhBoy! we knew it was a perfect partnership. We were really pleased that everyone dug the song as we are really proud of how it came out.

How did you find the response from people?
Really positive. Which is strange for the Internet as mostly people are nasty I think? But yeah, everyone was really positive and loved it! It’s a great feeling to work really hard on something and then have people appreciate it, there’s nothing better right?

Alcopop! put out the single as a physical release in the form of…a t-shirt. How’s the partnership with Alcopop! been?
Well, like I said, I think from the beginning we just sort of clicked and went “oh yeah this is the right thing to do!” Jack, who owns Alcopop!, is the best guy, he really puts his all into everything he does, so what better boss than him right? Plus he gives the best hugs, we would recommend them to anyone!

You’ve just put out new single ‘A Bird In The Hand’ – How have people been responding this time around?
Again, it’s been overwhelmingly positive! We were riding the high of our first single when we recorded it and I think that comes across in our recording of it. It’s a bit of a heavier sound in some ways compared to our last release, but we loved it and knew it had to be our next single. It had the hooks we love and mega riffs. Everyone loves mega riffs right?

What’s the story in terms of producing? How did you guys get together and put A Bird In The Hand together? It was mixed by MJ of Hookworms, right?
Mostly when we write, it comes from one person’s idea, then we all have a little input here and there till it sounds like what we want it to. Jay (vocals/guitar) did a demo and sent it round, we got to work pretty much straight away as it’s always exciting to get your teeth into a good song!

We always record ourselves usually, but this time we had some friends of ours who are managing a studio have some space, so we quickly got in and laid down the tracks for it over a few evenings. Luckily we got it down, as I was admitted to hospital the next day and was out of action for a while! (That’s another story though).
MJ did mix this and he did a really great job. We worked together and managed to get across the sound we wanted and he nailed it! We have had different people mix all of our songs so far and it’s been a really fun process!

I loved that video for Carrot & The Stick, and the video for the new single is even better! Is it the same person/people behind both?
Thank you very much! Well, we did all of the video for Carrot & The Stick on our own pretty much, with the help of a friend of ours Tim. We have made five videos so far and all of them have been really great fun to make, coming up with the ideas and then filming them ourselves (we don’t have Adele money). But with this one, we enlisted the help of a marvellous chap called Callum who did the most excellent job! We told him the vibe we wanted and sort of let him go with the flow on it and look what happened! What a great job eh? It really fits us and suits the song perfectly. Couldn’t ask for a better job really!

In a bit of exciting news, you’ve just been announced for Glastonbury! Pretty wild eh? How stoked were you about the news?
Not fussed really.


No, it’s amazing! We have known for moooonths but couldn’t say anything, so it’s been really hard for us to contain our excitement. BBC Introducing have been the most supportive of us from the beginning and look what they go and do for us now – we are playing what I assume is the biggest festival in the world. Insane in one’s’ membrane!

You’ve had a pretty busy year already and obviously that latest announcement carries that on (And then some!) Have you got any plans for a follow up to A Bird In The Hand at this stage?
There’s always plans. Plans be the way to get stuff done sir!
We have a follow up single in the pipeline that we can wholeheartedly say is a band favourite. We have been playing it live at our last few shows and it’s gone down a storm! Also, keep an eye out for some brand new OhBoy! Merch! We will be flogging them at any show you come to!

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