Hey, have you heard about…Real Terms

Liverpudlian loveliness - Real Terms

Liverpudlian loveliness – Real Terms

Back when I started Birthday Cake For Breakfast, there were a number of bands in and around Manchester that were not only a delight to the ears but also made me chuffed to bits that I’d decided to make my home up North. Kraak Gallery (now Aatma) in Manchester’s Northern Quarter regularly featured disturbingly good bills, with a revolving cast of characters such as Axes, Alpha Male Tea Party and Cleft blowing minds left, right and centre.

Then there was Vasco Da Gama.

But just as i’d discovered my new favourite band (even managing to fit in a very early days interview), it wasn’t too long before the quartet from up the road in Liverpool decided to knock it on the head. There’s been a Vasco Da Gama shaped hole in my life ever since.

Thankfully, this heart looks like it might be on the mend, with three quarters of the band coming together again under a new moniker to pick up the pieces.

Real Terms is pure Liverpudlian loveliness. A lot more chilled out than their joyous, mathy past, their new material still has that instant, attention grabbing feel that their previous incarnation had. A man down they may be, but it sounds to me like these boys are going to be alright as a trio.

Once again, i’m chuffed. The debut from Real Terms is a tremendous start to the month and already has this guy salivating for more. Listen for yourself: Debut tracks ‘North‘ and ‘Oust Your Narrow Bones‘ are below. Be sure to keep an eye out for further movements from the trio – we can’t lose them again!

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