Exclusive: Watch the debut live session ‘Since June’ from Chicago trio Rust Ring


(Photo Credit: Maryam Hassan)

Say Hello to Rust Ring.

You might already recognise a few of these cats. Whilst the Chicago trio only got together earlier this year, its members have been knocking about the American Midwest for a number of years under various guises.

The winter months bought together jamming sessions between drummer William Covert (Space Blood) and guitarist Joram Zbichorski (Snort), with bassist Kyle Geib (Lifted Bells) joining soon after. Math-rock backgrounds and influences certainly, but on the lookout for something more, as friend of the blog William summed up when reached for comment:
The idea of Rust Ring was not to be just another Midwest math rock band or try to be some kind of math rock super group, but to try and make interesting, complex, and also catchy songs. The music is equally influenced by 90’s indie, slowcore, and emo as well as contemporary punk and Midwest DIY music to create a sound that is Rust Ring.”

Rust Ring recently got together with the Puddle Splashers folk at Emaciated Raiden Studios to put down a live session for their nostalgia-tinged, heart-wrencher ‘Since June’. With fellow Chicago journeyman Matt Frank (Their/They’re/There) behind the mixing desk, the trio might be keeping it local, but they’re finally ready for the world to hear what they’re about.  

Check out an exclusive stream of their debut live session below and be sure to keep an eye out for more Rust Ring over the coming year as they plan to go into the studio to record their debut EP!

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