Exclusive: TAPS AFF dancing in ‘Baron Von Sharon’ – The new video from Classically Handsome Brutes


Tell you what, mate – It’s been a bit warm, eh? Kinda makes you want to strip off and dance about to gnarly post-rock math-core in a windowless basement…

In a bit of good luck, Leeds trio Classically Handsome Brutes have recognised this fact and have put together an instructional video on the best way to keep cool over these summer months, with a TAPS AFF solo mosh session to their latest single ‘Baron Von Sharon’.

Out 26 August 2016 on Till Deaf Do Us Party Records, the latest single follows swiftly on from the nightmarish ‘GABBLERATCHET’ single release in March (which recently got a play on Snooker leg-end Steve Davis’ ‘Interesting Alternative Show’ on Phoenix FM!)

Baron Von Sharon proves exactly why people are getting a bit hot under the collar for Classically Handsome Brutes – Their raucous, chaotic blend of in-your-face, schizo math-core is a straight shot to the nards, but one that will keep you coming back for more!

In a delightful bit of news, Classically Handsome Brutes are bringing their wares to ArcTanGent this weekend! The trio are looking to cave in a couple of skulls when they play the PX3 stage on Saturday afternoon – expect lots of balaclava wearing, topless men after Baron Von Sharon gets unleashed!

Until then, strap on your balaclava, whip your kecks off and enjoy an exclusive first look at their new video below:

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