Hey, have you heard about…Goat Girl

(Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker Photography)

(Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker Photography)

Commence take off, fasten your seatbelts. Country Sleaze…

In a few weeks time, Manchester’s prolific concert promoters Now Wave are putting on a stonker of a line-up at the Academy 2. Fresh from a tour earlier in the year, and having – in the words of Now Wave – “SOLD OUT GORILLA QUICK SHARP“, the brilliant Parquet Courts will be making their way back up North, joined by the wonderful Eagulls from just up the road. Sitting a bit lower on the bill is an outfit i’d not heard of until today, but following the release of their debut single it’s a name I won’t be soon to forget.

Southern teenage four-piece Goat Girl today announced the release of their debut single ‘Country Sleaze’, out through Rough Trade as a Double a-side on 7th October. Kicking the door clean off its hinges with their arrival, Country Sleaze evokes the feeling that you’ve wound up in the wrong end of town in the shadiest of pubs, ready to get your arse handed to you by Goat Girl. You practically get the feeling you’re being snarled at through the speakers on each repeated listen.

The two track single is alleged to have been recorded “purposefully quickly” in a no-nonsense studio in North London with producer Margo Broom. The mission plan from here is put out the single and tour, tour, tour (and who can blame them?)

Ahead of their Manchester date (and a run of shows lined up with Yak), a special single launch is lined up at The Windmill in Brixton on the 6th.
Get yourself involved with their debut single below and be sure to pick yourself up a copy here.

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