Album Review: God Damn – Everything Ever

Review from Ben Wilson

What do you think when the band God Damn are mentioned? Heavy drums? Big filthy riffs? Visceral distorted vocals? Enough octave stacking to make Jack White have to go outside and get some air? Well, that’s exactly what the Wolverhampton duo deliver on their sophomore album – A collective 13 tracks of intense and imaginative music.

Everything Ever opens up with the song ‘Sing This’, and straight away God Damn are telling the listener that they are not messing about with this album, the low tuned driving guitar riff sitting underneath an incredibly catchy vocal melody. The vocal melody could be on a chart topping pop song for all its catchiness, and the riff would certainly be welcome on a Queens of the Stone Age banger.
God Damn seem to enjoy playing with these juxtapositions in their songs, with songs like ‘Failure’ and ‘Again Again’ sharing a similarly oxymoronic trait of throwing around a big ballsy riff with a poppy hook. The vocal melody used especially in Failure is sporting some serious Arctic Monkey vibes, which I honestly didn’t expect from this album. The curve balls it throws are all very, very welcome.

Ghost, the first single to be released from Everything Ever, is another curve ball track, consisting of folk-esque guitar parts and battering drumbeats. God Damn then turn it all on its head for the chorus, smacking down a spastic and unignorable melody that pushes enough air through your speakers to part the hair of anyone (even God Damn themselves). This track takes on similar characteristic to the title track of their debut album, ‘Vultures’. Other tracks tap into the same vein as Vultures, with tracks like ‘I’ll Bury You’ and ‘Oh No’ having a similar, woeful heaviness to them. These songs could easily be Soundgarden cuts and masses wouldn’t notice – they’re very well crafted and speak very differently to the other tracks on the album.

Everything Ever has a similar vibe to that of Vultures, but the progression the band have made in the year since its release can be heard on all the tracks – with much heavier songs being written, more diverse song structures, and some tracks being hypnotic in parts. The band overall feel like they’ve done a lot of maturing musically, with Everything Ever being a brutal but rather sophisticatedly put together record.

Everything Ever is recommended to anyone who has a grunge shaped hole in their lives that needs filling, or just wants to party to some hilariously catchy songs – It’s a simple but detailed record that God Damn should be proud of.

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