Live Review: I Cried Wolf and TOY MOUNTAINS at Eiger Studios in Leeds 13/10/2016

Live Review from Ben Wilson

Live Review from Ben Wilson

Eiger Studios is by no means the easiest venue to find in Leeds, with it being secretly tucked away in-between a main road and a massive bridge. I didn’t really know what to expect upon arrival, with the gig seemingly taking place in one of the practice rooms. This made me pretty stoked though, as very intimate gigs are always the best, with this room in particular sporting some excellent vibe and atmosphere for such a close quarters gig.

TOY MOUNTAINS really brought it out the bag for this performance, fighting through feedback and the collection of equipment breakages (I can’t even count how many emergency guitar strap repairs took place) to deliver such a high spirited and high energy set. They used their emotion more than the PA to deliver their lovely vocal harmonies, with all four of these Scottish lads taking on vocal duties at some point during the set. It was a really special set to have watched, and I think their drummer is now my new favourite, his playing being practically poetic. He played so creatively and his kit sounded absolutely huge in spite of how small the set up was.

The whole set was incredible, with plenty of material from their new EP being teased during the performance as well as all the TOY MOUNTAINS classics that the masses love.

Then I Cried Wolf came on and everything got a little weird. Their singer was an exquisite sight to behold, as I have never seen a man walk the line so delicately between ultra-masculine alpha male and overt homo-eroticism. It was amazing. Running around the room like he was chasing a fly made out of gold, the rest of the band were promptly following him in the madness that was ensuing. The room was going mental – and I have to call out their guitarist for being a shred demon, as well as a cheeky bastard with his behind-head-guitar-licking and his balancing act of tight rope walker finesse with his instrument.

The whole set was incredibly impressive, with all the band proving dexterous in their playing proficiency and their movements. I Cried Wolf aren’t a band you want to hesitate on checking out, as you will think “Bloody nora, why didn’t I listen to them ages ago?” the moment you hear them for the first time. Do you want to know how I know this is true? It’s exactly what I said the moment they exploded onto stage. Look them up and bloody enjoy yourself.

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