EP Review: TOY MOUNTAINS – I Swore I’d Never Speak Of This Again

Review from Ben Wilson

Review from Ben Wilson

Glasgow Death-Poppers TOY MOUNTAINS are set to release their new EP ‘I Swore I’d Never Speak Of This Again’ on November 25th through Crooked Noise, and bloody hell is it an EP that you are gonna be speaking about again and again (see what I did there?)

For what is effectively their debut EP, TOY MOUNTAINS bring out big guns and big balls with an incredibly impressive and ambitious 7-Track cut, comprising of really emotionally dense songs, haunting interludes, and all of the riffs and vocal harmonies you could ask for. 

The EP kicks off with ‘Hard Done By’, opening with some cheeky and delicate drumming, slowly building through to a song flourishing with large chorus section, a dichotomy of harsh and clean vocals, and memorable, pained lyrics. The delivery on this cut is pained at the best of times, with the lyrical content making me want to ask if these guys are okay. You feel every single bit of that struggle with them on this EP, with some of the instrumentation feeling vulnerable in its performance, further conveying the hurt of which these guys are feeling in these songs. 

That woe and vulnerability is turned to rage on the track ‘Old Friends’, the lead single from the EP, with it absolutely stinking of riffs. The builds and drops in this track are available in abundance, with it being by far the heaviest song on the EP, and possibly the heaviest TOY MOUNTAINS have ever gotten. There are still some delicate moments on this track, with the outro featuring some of the more emotive and memorable refrains I’ve heard in a while. But even that doesn’t last long, kicking back into screaming and enough guitar licks to make Blakfish gurn. 

The stand out track on the EP is arguably the closer ‘Sight Reading’ – a 7-minute long emotional rollercoaster of a track, beginning with simple guitar chords that almost feel like they’re too difficult and too heavy to play. Eventually being accompanied by vocals in a simple state of despair – this entire first section of the song feels like it’s a struggle to perform, due to the sheer content of what is being said and conveyed through it all. The chorus gains some more strength in the track, even then feeling desperate for comfort. This whole song is a very long journey you take with the band emotionally, with it all ending in a crescendo of fear and rage and screaming. Fuck – this band are so good.

TOY MOUNTAINS do everything they set out to do with this EP, achieving new heights in song writing, with the depth of these tracks just being enormous. Buy this EP; you really won’t regret what you get yourself in for. You might cry, but it’ll be great – Trust me. 

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