Album Review: Tigercub – Abstract Figures In The Dark

Review from Ben Forrester

Review from Ben Forrester

Fair play to Tigercub, they’ve very much done things their own way. A few years back, they were one of the UK’s most sought after rock bands, making all the right moves and with little help from them industry types. But instead of lapping up the hype and rushing into things, the Brighton based three-piece have taken their time and are finally ready to unleash their debut full length.

Abstract Figures in the Dark‘ is very much the sound of a band doing the fuck what they want. It’s an album of many moods and colours and as a result, is an album set to test your senses. ‘Burning Effigies‘ brings you in straight away with desert rock guitars and a fragile, yearning vocal that soon turns into their familiar fuzzed up racket complete with a buzzing rhythm section. That’s the Tigercub way; big, heart-on-sleeve melodies wrapped up in a slick groove but with spikes on their fists. The next two tracks ‘Memory Boy‘ and ‘Omen‘ are perfect examples of this unique and effortless cool brand of rock.

From then on, it’s a big melting pot of emotions and tones from the blood curdling grunge-punk of ‘Migraine‘ to the understated seductive dreamy pop of ‘Up In Smoke‘ and ‘Control‘. This record very much has it all; loads of groovy, sexy rock songs that Josh Homme would gladly take home with him and some more expansive, sonically pleasing moments that are reminiscent of noise nerds such as Autolux, with even some hints of latter day Sonic Youth. This band know how to get under your skin, and each and every track has a hook or a sound or riff or melody that just buries itself deep into your brain and refuses to leave.

Abstract Figures In The Dark is an album that the band could have only made at this point in their existence. Because they’ve developed the trust of a very loyal fan base over the years, it has allowed Tigercub to make a very eclectic set of songs which references all the different sounds we’ve heard from them on previous releases; from pretty to sassy, with a nod to heavy. In short, Tigercub have made an album of alt-rock bangers that is brave and bold and doesn’t give a flying fuck!

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