And Yet It Moves return to Manchester – All welcome, but no prisoners

(Photo Credit: Paul Barclay)

(Photo Credit: Paul Barclay)

We want to play music and we want to connect with people, man. We want to connect with each other whilst playing music. This is the truth. This is the fucking bottom line.”

This was the stance of Dale Barclay, intense Glaswegian frontman in And Yet It Moves, earlier this year when I interviewed the band. It was an opinion shared with the rest of the “band of gypsies”, with each member I spoke to keen to put forward this sense of togetherness and eagerness to look past genres and just get lost in the music.

Their brutal, emotional performance that evening at Soup Kitchen was one that’s stuck with me ever since. It’s a show i’ve blabbed about to anyone that would listen.

Lucky then that And Yet It Moves are stopping off at Manchester’s Night & Day Café this Friday as part of a run of UK shows throughout November. As was the case in summer, they’re once again joined by their Glaswegian comrades in Sweaty Palms, as well as Manc lads The Yossarians.

New single ‘Make America Great Again’, recorded at Green Door Studio in Glasgow and mixed by Stu Evans, can provide a glimmer of what you might expect from And Yet It Moves in Manchester. A captivating journey of oddities, it’s a mysterious little pill from a mysterious little bag, sending you down a dark alleyway without a fucking clue where you are or who you are, culminating in a thrashing, lose-yourself breakdown. Double servings of that this Friday.

Grab yourself a ticket here and be sure to keep up with events through the Grey Lantern events page.

All welcome, but no fucking prisoners.

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