EP Review: Nova Hands – R-EP


Review from Ben Wilson

Huddersfield’s best kept secret Nova Hands aren’t ones to beat around the bush. Their second EP of the year, R-EP, dropped out of nowhere on a normal Tuesday night without any prior advertisement or mention of incoming new material. The EP itself similarly does not mess around, with it being a seemingly non-stop, four-track prog marathon of a record that everyone needs to listen to. Honestly. 

Who Is You Daddy And What Does He Do?‘ ask Nova Hands on R-EP’s first track. This song takes many turns, demonstrating Nova Hands’ tightness as a band and their prowess for triple guitar melodies that soar around your ears, before all three guitars lock together for one mammoth riff. Singer Matt Cornish’s vocal power is used to full effect on this song as well – some parts entertaining the tension and builds in the track, whilst others allow him to be coy lyrically and let his voice flourish over the rest of the instrumentation. If you’re familiar with Nova Hands, then this track will just feel 100% like a Nova Hands tune – not to mention it is near 7 minutes. Because prog.

The second track, ‘Walking On Duck Fat‘, has my favourite lyric of the entire EP – “Babe, I love you long time, yeah” – with a strong At The Drive-In feel to it; the funk fuelled bass part accompanied by high and winding guitar parts. The rest of the track bursts open with full guitar fury, bordering on a power-metal guitar lead section, which is fucking awesome.

The stand out track on this EP is the 11 minute magnum opus closer ‘Mourning the Loss of The Family Ness‘. A detailed and ambitious track, it bursts at the seams with polyrhythmic goodness (IT’S JUST SO PROOOOOG). It’s amazing for a prog track of this length, because it stays interesting and entertaining to listen to for the whole of its longevity. Heavy with vocal harmonies and dance-y, groovy riffs, this track finishes off the EP gloriously and leaves you wanting more. 

You really do need to listen to this EP if you have a love for the alternative or progressive side of music. It’s an incredibly well put together, musically competent, impressive and fun EP, and it has replay value like you wouldn’t believe!

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