Live Review: Three Trapped Tigers at Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds 20/11/2016

Review from Ben Wilson

Review from Ben Wilson

Leeds locals Tall Talker opened up the night to the clearly very eager audience, who kept up with their onstage peers very well – their guitarist being dexterous and very creative, with the rhythm section driving underneath, tight and brutal. This soft instrumental trio deserved to be in the company they were in, but remained humble to be part of what was a very great night of bands.

There was one tune that stood out to me in particular. I don’t know the name of it, but it sounded like, for lack of a better term, clean djent? There was some fierce slap guitar going down that Tosin Abasi would be jealous of, and combined with the pumping drums, it just sounded beautiful. It came completely out of nowhere as well – from a light, delicately picked song straight into chugging glory. The set overall was brilliant, setting the tone for the evening very well. That tone being 0% vocals and 100% riffs. 

Then came The Physics House Band, and all bets were off, mate. They came onstage swinging, throwing all the riffs and drumsticks (literally) they could into the audience. It was a sight to behold. Less of a set and more of an offering to the gods of prog, something of a biblical experience for everyone in the crowd. The combined efforts of these three gentleman is a force to truly be reckoned with, the boys shredding through old and new material in their criminally short set (the new material is sick, trust).

The Physics House Band are a band that really need to be seen live; the sheer awe they inspire is incredible. They were playing hard to get for this show though, as they didn’t play ‘Teratology’. Why you gotta play me like that, Physics House Band?

This then led to the stars of the show, Three Trapped Tigers, leaping onto stage with energy and beards. They didn’t really seem to pause at all for a breather, every gap filled with synth magic and riff laden reverb tails – it was a very emotive and moving performance. TTT Blistered through a big flurry of their discography, giving some of the tunes from their very early days a good old stretch for this tour cycle, much to the audiences pleasure.

The whole set felt like I was about to face a final boss in a really solid video game, with everything just building and building – constantly growing in its intensity and developing into an explosion of colour and synth. It was an amazing cap to the night, and you can tell that everyone there was vibing, judging by how they were moving and the fact they were out that late on a Sunday night in Leeds. Amazing.

The Physics House Band bassist coined the evening as “A good night for music, generally” and he was right on the money. It was an amazing night full of amazing music – generally. 

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