EP Review: Vogons – The Ocular Theft Of Other Peoples Wonderment

Review from Ben Wilson

Review from Ben Wilson

Vogons are an instrumental band from an ambiguous location in Yorkshire that have been quietly working away for the past year or so now. My first impression of Vogons came watching them open up a gig I went to, with no prior knowledge of them. I very quickly became intimidated by the size of their pedal boards and the size of their riffs. So when I heard they had an EP in the works with my good man Will Cook, I was very excited. 

The Ocular Theft of Other Peoples Wonderment’ (what a fucking name) kicks off with the twisting and turning ‘Improbably Gorilla’. The first time I listened to this track, it had my head spinning. The amount of cheeky bouncing between different riffs and phrases during this song is done with great precision by this prog trio. It gets a little difficult to keep track of, but it has a very fun and bouncy way about it, with this gorilla swinging between the trees of energetic jazzy chords and great big stinking riffs. This bares great contrast to the second track on this cut, ‘Paddle Faster’ – a very fitting title, since this track makes you wish you were swishing away in a lovely and calm river. The way this track sways is really soothing, and the delicate bassline at the start of the song is just delightful – setting the tone for this overall gorgeous bit of music. 

The closer of this EP, ‘Sham Hank’, is a very busy song – starting out with a very spacey, reverb laid fight between the guitar and bass, before settling down into some funky chords. This doesn’t last long before the sense of space starts to build more in the song, with the guitars soon roaring in with massive sound lead phrases that tackle the intricately winding bassline.

It is a short and sweet debut from Vogons and an incredibly impressive debut to say the least. The dynamic range found within, not just in terms of volume but in genre as well, is vast and an incredibly attractive part to the EP. Big ups to Vogons for writing what is a wonderful little EP that fans of Prog and Math are gonna be able to get plenty of kicks from. 

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