EP Review: FALLS – Cream

Review from Ben Wilson

Review from Ben Wilson

Welsh Gash-rock, Sass-lords FALLS have had a very busy year. From supporting Enter Shikari to releasing an EP through the highly regarded Venn Records, as well as very successful sets at both ArcTanGent and Carefully Planned – why wouldn’t they top it all off with another EP through their own record label? This EP is the best way FALLS could’ve finished off this party of a year they have had, with the EP itself being a full on party – sporting FALLS poppiest, darkest and silliest songs to date.

Cream’ opens up with ‘Berries!’, with FALLS embracing their math-rock influences via putting exclamation points in their song titles, whilst the listener embraces this big balls track swaggering into the room with a big sexy riff. This track features that classic FALLS breakdown with a big slow riff you’d be able to feel the pit open up for, before jumping into some dance-y drums, complimented by some ‘Heys’ and even more cheeky, cheeky riffs. 

Daytime N U’ is the full on disco song on this cut. This songs introduction of booty shaking beats and nihilistic lyrics gives the impression FALLS recorded this song wearing fluorescent pink pants whilst getting a little too deep one night. This is the complete inverse to ‘Live Delicious’, which is a full on tantrum of a song – spitting and screaming woes about shit bands and how shit they are. It starts out as a big hardcore track, vocals distorting from how pissed off they are and everything, but it drops into this groovy as hell chorus that brings it back to the FALLS hip swaying that the rest of their records bring. 

The EP ends on ‘The Liberator’, FALLS longest song ever, and the raunchiest on Cream. This song is every bit as sexy as the rest of the EP, getting into some very NSFW topics in the lyrical content and into some tricky and whirling riffs, before leading to an ending where it all just gets weird. The massive, bass building, palm muted guitars gets more and more twisted – it makes me so uncomfortable before breaking out of the noise mist into a filthy riff, that if it were tuned any lower would cause most furniture to move. 

FALLS don’t want to get complacent is what Cream tells me. They still set out to write bigger, better songs and make everyone dance and gurn in the same motion. This EP sends your morals wayward in order to make way for all of the riffs being sent your way. If all else fails and you need a Christmas present for your Mam, just wrap her up a copy of Cream and make her Christmas a merry and sassy one.

Cream is out this Friday – Click here for further details. You might also like to glance at this interview with the quartet, taken from this year’s ArcTanGent Festival.

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