Album Review: Black Surf – Let’s Pretend It’s Summer デラックスエディション

Review from Jay Stansfield

Review from Jay Stansfield

This album opens with what sounds like a disgruntled citizen complaining about Black Surf posters outside his house and I pray to God it’s real because that is rock ‘n’ roll at its finest.

Rebel & Saint opens up with some great 8-bit synth sounds and bolts into some snarl-to-the-face heavy guitars, with nods to Foo Fighters. It isn’t complicated and has quite a simple structure, but would definitely be worthy of some mainstream Radio 1 play and I can see crowds hurling themselves into each other at gigs listening to this.

Vultures sounds like Pixies making love to Weezer and has a massively classic sound to it, which is nice and thick with great production. It moves into ‘Get Up which thrusts us into some kind of Beach Boys territory, with sparkling guitars and thudding drums. Again, Black Surf are clearly a band who are aiming for the mainstream and they’re going about it in all the right ways with their “get up, get up, get out, get over” repeating vocal hook and chomping distorted guitar solos and U2-esque bassline and drum breakdowns.

‘Bastard Man’ could genuinely be the start of a Pavement or Pixies tune. I know i’ve cited Pixies before, but their influence runs deep. This is pure pop-grunge, Ladies and Gentlemen, and if you want to woo your lover over some fun and beer, then this is for your party.

There isn’t enough variation in the songs for me personally to keep me totally engaged and it does sound a lot like Weezer and Pixies, but that’s their style and that’s ok with me. It’s fun, to the point, well produced and passionately performed. ‘Dive’ breaks it up a bit with some English rapping bouncing over the top as it transcends into an Offspring vibe which is cool, with the vocals reminding me of Muse as they jump in and out mid-section. It’s also one of the shorter songs on the album. ‘間奏 II’ is another member of the public called Ethel on the phone to Black Surf and she leads us into ‘Army Of Sheep’, which is another anthemic, balls to the wall guitar driven indie-rock bopper.

There isn’t much else to say about this album other than I would have happily settled for 12 tracks rather than the 17 tracks presented here, but if you want some powerful, old skool bouncing, massive guitar-driven crowd pleasing music to wake you up on those miserable grey days then this album is for you.

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