Album Review: Hen Party – Glitter Sweats

Review from Ben Forrester

Review from Ben Forrester

Hen Party have been bringing the party to the Manchester music scene for a good few years now. Originally known as Tribal Fighters, the three-piece have been working hard on new material over the past year, changing it up from their predominately instrumental sound to introduce vocals into the mix, and have finally made an album! I’ve been watching this band for a long time and I have been itching to hear an album, so when they unexpectedly dropped ‘Glitter Sweats‘ a couple of weeks back, I was very excited to dive in!

Animals‘ opens the record, which is a track the band released a few months prior to the records release and is a pretty spot on summary of what to expect; big, groove driven indie-pop! What I love about seeing Hen Party live is their energy and the fun that all three members seem to have on stage, and I think that really comes across on this record. It’s brimming with super hyped up pop tracks, full of sharp guitar lines and punchy vocal hooks like ‘Tereza‘ and ‘Way Too Fine‘.

At the surface this is a sparkly indie record, but dig deeper and there are a lot of different elements to Hen Party’s sound to uncover. ‘Martin Tough‘ has this really surf-punk vibe to it, while ‘Winterval‘ is a really lovely, twiddly instrumental track. Then you’ve got stuff like ‘Rosemary‘ which has a really driving rock feel, with closer ‘Gene Simmons being this mental instrumental that almost has a sort of new age ska vibe going on. It’s clear that the band have very eclectic tastes and it makes for a very exciting listen, with each track bringing a new sound that you may not have expected. This isn’t to say that the album is disjointed because of this and it has this gleaming production about it that really holds it all together.

As mentioned, there are a good few instrumental moments here that hark back to the early days of the band, but the introduction of vocals is a great new tool with some brilliant interplay going on between guitarist Tom and bassist Chris. Tom has a really good voice on him and it lends well to the more spoken, shouted vocals of Chris (the tracks ‘Helmets‘ and Way Too Fine are the best examples of this).

Glitter Sweats is a perfect title for this record. It’s full of huge, glittery pop songs that will make you wanna jump around until yer all sweaty and that! In all seriousness though, this is a really well crafted set of songs that is equal amounts uplifting and catchy. Get some E numbers down yer and stick this record on, you’ll be flying!

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