The Best of 2016: Ben Forrester


In 2015, we reached out to a host of our comrades who had been involved with Birthday Cake For Breakfast somehow during the previous 12 months, getting their take on the best releases of the year. For 2016, we’ve looked closer to home – those who’ve contributed to the site itself and been influential in such a prosperous 12 months!
In the lead up to 2017, Birthday Cake For Breakfast will feature Top 5’s from our contributors. Take it away, Ben…

My albums of the year list has changed somewhat since I first posted it up on the internet. But here is my slightly altered top five! It’s also worth pointing out that Verse Metrics have made my EP of the year with their stunning blend of indie-rock and post-rock on ‘We’ll Be Listening and Remembering Until We’re Old and Unsteady‘ and Orchards have made one of the pop songs of the year with sparkling twiddly genius of ‘Peggy‘.

5: The Lion And The Wolf – The Cardiac Hotel (Xtra Mile Recordings)

“A beautiful, honest indie-folk record. It’s an album that deals with a lot lyrically, but ultimately there is a lot of hope in there and it’s been on constant rotation during these past few wintery weeks.”

4: Pipedream – Secret Beach (Dog Knights Productions)

I love the sound this band have created. Jangly 80’s guitar pop mixed with 90’s emo. Perfect. The songs are dead catchy, the playing is strong – it’s just a really well put together album that I’ve had on repeat since its spring release.”

3: Preoccupations – S/T (Jagjaguwar)

Incredibly slick goth-pop from a band that blow me away every time. The way these guys incorporate washed out soundscapes with razor sharp pop sensibilities is outstanding and this is another triumph from one of Canada’s finest alt-pop exports.”

2: Cult Party – Eternal Love And The Death Of Everything (Maybles Labels)

Another stunningly understated folk record. The intimacy of this album is what grabs me; I feel like I’m in the room singing along with everyone. It has been bewildering me all year.”  

1: Three Trapped Tigers – Silent Earthling (Blood And Biscuits)

I feel like I’m on another planet when I hear this record. It’s everything I wanted from this band and more. It’s still crazy and packed with ideas, but with a focus on space and melody. The three piece have sound tracked my year with this outstanding and otherworldly experience.”

Listen to the sounds of 2016 for Birthday Cake For Breakfast in our jam-packed Spotify playlist!

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