The Best Of 2016: Andrew Christopher Hillock


In 2015, we reached out to a host of our comrades who had been involved with Birthday Cake For Breakfast somehow during the previous 12 months, getting their take on the best releases of the year. For 2016, we’ve looked closer to home – those who’ve contributed to the site itself and been influential in such a prosperous 12 months!
In the lead up to 2017, Birthday Cake For Breakfast will feature Top 5’s from our contributors. Take it away, Andrew…

5. Grouper – Paradise Valley (Yellow Electric)

Released only a few days ago, this two track EP on Liz Harris’s own label Yellow Electric serves as a reminder that in a sea of try-hards, some have just got their own sound completely down. Many try and imitate but you can’t fake a sound like Grouper. Allow yourself a few minute of quiet in this garbage fire of a year and let the sonorous tender overlapping harmonies and simple picked melodies wash over you, have a cry and then go again.”

4. Ben BabbittKentucky Route Zero Act 4

Ben Babbitt’s soundtrack for Kentucky Route Zero is integral to cultivating the game’s rich and haunted atmosphere. Babbitt has tapped into a rare vein of Johnny Cash-esque depressing spirituals, switching between melancholic ballads and dense ethereal currents as the scene dictates. The soundtrack is simultaneously weird and familiar, just like the Zero itself.”

3. COCAINEJESUS – We’re worried About You (Dream Catalogue)

Despite his young age, COCAINEJESUS is a pure prodigy in the sense that he has crafted his own unique brand, laying out his own vision. Slight influences from witch house, cloud rap and general electronic music of the modern day are there – but this new album, ‘We’re Worried About You’, is heart-wrenching and emotional without falling back on cliches. COCAINEJESUS’ brand of millennial melancholy shines through, painting a picture of modern teenage dreams in a world that is increasingly heading over the edge.”

2. Preoccupations – Preoccupations (Jagjaguwar)

Calgary four-piece Preoccupations s/t feels like it’s one of the albums released this year that actually lived up to the hype of expectation, in a year where the majority of hype artists failed to deliver. It builds adventurously but logically on the format of the self titled Viet Cong record released last year, with a more expansive and darker sound. I did a full review for Birthday Cake, so check that out if you want to know more.”

1: Beat DetectivesCall it What You Want

Thank fuck for Beat Detectives releasing this monster (42 track) masterpiece a few days ago, because they’ve been my favourite discovery this year and now I have a legitimate reason to include them in this list. Beat Detectives create the type of hyperreal sound that is a fitting soundtrack to a year where reality and a simulation of reality seem to be increasingly indistinguishable. Like your own personalised pirate radio station, Beat Detectives use dub, acid, house, big beat, dusty tape noise and roughly edited incidental sounds to create fun, loose art school mixtape collages.”

Listen to the sounds of 2016 for Birthday Cake For Breakfast in our jam-packed Spotify playlist!

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