Exclusive: Listen to ‘Fox Feeder’ from You Break, You Buy ahead of the release of new EP ‘Don’t Join The Circus’

It doesn’t feel good to be entering a new year with your collar turned up, uncertain of what lies ahead in the coming months. We’ve only just had Christmas, but with all that’s going on in the world, it feels like another break is in order…
Thank Christ then for a bit of hope, in instrumental multinationals You Break, You Buy and their delightful new math-rock smasher ‘Fox Feeder’!

Boasting members from England, Ireland, Sweden and Italy, the London based quartet are set to release their second EP Don’t Join The Circusnext week. Brimming with Axes-esque twiddles and deliriously summery jams, it’s hard to not get caught out grinning like a loon throughout its duration.

A follow up to 2014’s ‘Happy Happenstancethe new EP was recorded byAdam Edwards and Kyri Demetriou down at A-Tonal Recording Studio in North West London. Fox Feeder is the third track released in the lead up to its release (the other two being here and here), destined to have you sporting a huge smile throughout, so Birthday Cake For Breakfast is chuffed to have it streaming exclusively. Listen below!

Don’t Join The Circus is available January 18th through Lonely Voyage Records and you can grab yourself a copy on wax right here!

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