Exclusive: ‘Don’t Read Books, Watch Movies’ – Watch Piles Of Clothes live session with Something Productions

(Photo Credit: Sean Carroll)

(Photo Credit: Sean Carroll)

Real lump in the throat stuff, this.

We’ve been big fans of Piles Of Clothes for a while now, so it’s an honour to present an exclusive first look at a live session our good friend Andy Crowder recently recorded for the heart-wrenching Don’t Read Books, Watch Movies’.

The tranquil live session was filmed last September with Something Productions in Roundhay Park in Leeds. Around 15 minutes from Andy’s gaff (for you die-hards out there), an old bandstand in the pissing-down-rain makes for quite the picturesque location.

The Piles Of Clothes session is the latest in a series called Something Live, with producers Christopher Milnes and Nick Porter gathering together their favourite bands and filming sessions up North. The series has previously featured Campfires, Tall Talker and Newcastle’s Ryan Bird.

Don’t Read Books, Watch Movies was unveiled just before Christmas, taken from the new EP ‘Songs Etc’ out 27th January 2017. Written and produced by Andy himself, the latest EP was recorded, mixed and produced by Michael Cutayar.
You’ll be pleased to know that the four-track EP is being released for that mouth-watering offer of ‘Pay-what-you-want’. It promises to bring out all the feelings as we move into February – be sure to keep an eye out for the release of Songs Etc. at the end of the month..

Take five minutes out of your day and get lost in Don’t Read Books, Watch Movies below:

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