EP Review: You Break, You Buy – Don’t Join The Circus

Review from Ben Wilson

Review from Ben Wilson

Instrumental rockers You Break, You Buy start off 2017, fresh off the all round catastrophe 2016 was for everyone, with their brand new EP ‘Don’t Join The Circus’, out on Lonely Voyage Records. This EP is the follow up to their very well regarded 2014 debut, meaning YBYB have had a long time to build and mature their sound and fill it with even less 4/4. 

The EP opens with the track ‘Neighsayer, which grows and grows as it goes on, with lots of textures are different flavours being throw in by the band as it progresses. YBYB throw around some very Totorro and Enemies vibes on these tracks, will all the playful and carefully placed polyrhythms and layers sounding glorious when they twist and turn and crescendo into these sparkling song ends – the final chords being chocked full of pretty 7ths. 

Smack bang in the middle of the EP, ‘All Together Better takes things on a bit of a detour, having Declan Feenan appearing for guest vocals on this very TTNG stylised song, filled with some very colourful call and response instrumental work between the guitars, as well as welcoming angelic vocal harmonies. It’s a very well pulled off song, considering how much of a diversion it is from the rest of the music on this cut – having less of a shimmer like the other tracks and more of a flutter.

The closing track is really where YBYB show their teeth, having ‘Manual Of Horsemanship’ (math-rock, am I right?) demonstrate every good equality about this EP in one 5 minute banger. The winding, stop/starting riffs on this song shining among the other more legato arrangements, and absorbing the listener into a dense wall of texture and colour – ending the EP on a delightful high indeed.

YBYB come out swinging on this incredibly cheery and accessible set of songs – and accessibility is something that can be really hard to do with this type of music. You get plenty of instrumental bands that are just too complex or too angular in order to attract any none math-rock go-ers ears, where as this EP sits well on the ears of more casual listeners. It’s a very impressive EP that has really allowed me to just sit back and indulge in the shimmering Idiosyncrasies of YBYB. The songs send a good message too – that being to not join a circus. Ever.

Listen to a few choice cuts from ‘Don’t Join The Circus’ and a host of other 2K17 BNGRZ in our Now Playing playlist!

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