EP Review: Lost Ground – Absent

Review from Ben Wilson

Review from Ben Wilson

Bradford Math/Emo outfit Lost Ground are set to release their brand new EP on February 25th, with it being their first studio release since refining their ranking and becoming a three-piece. Lost Ground’s sound as a band hasn’t altered much in this change, it has just become more focused and even more twinkly math ear candy for any listener to enjoy. 

Taking inspiration from bands such as TTNG and Minus The Bear sonically, ‘Absent’ demonstrates each band members incredible dexterity and prowess as musicians, and their proficiency in production, with vocals and guitar wizard Lew Taylor having produced the EP himself. 

The EP opens up with the track ‘Ghost’, diving straight into some big rich guitar chords, smashingly delicate drums and borderline angelic vocal chops without any warning. The EP starts off so suddenly and so beautifully that you don’t even have time to get goose bumps, you just feel the wall of sound hit you head on. The song goes on to take the listener through many twists and turns, through the call and response between the instrumentation and the vocal, to the tactful building of the songs ending. This silence then erupts into the second song ‘Holier Than Thou’, and an explosive intro that drops down to delicate and abstract instrumental sequences – The mid-section of the song crafted so well around the sparse vocals and well organised stops and stutters. This particular chop closes with an echoing refrain, that hauntingly leads to a very sorrowful and emotive end to the track. 

This leads onto the EP’s lead single, ‘Lumiere’, with Lost Ground demonstrating that they can pull of heavy driving riffs just as well as they can fluttering guitar melodies. It encapsulates all of the bands strongest traits, and the almost ethereal middle-eight acts as a great taster before the angelic and dense instrumentation collapses onto the listeners ears for the remainder of the song. 

Absent closes with ‘Limestone’, a song that appeared a year earlier in a live session, finally gaining a studio recording in order to enjoy how fantastically well arranged this song is. The questioning lyrics have great contrast to the definitive and strong instrumentation, overall acting as a great finale to a fantastically well put together EP. 

Lost Ground were coined as ‘Too heavy for an indie gig, and too soft for a hardcore gig’, and it feels like they have sonically found themselves in a much more comfortable and more easily definable position, taking the soft shimmering guitars and lovely vocals forward. It’s something that suits the band very well, and makes me excited to see this music be replicated live. Especially the opener, because holy shit that vocal intro. 

Absent – the new EP from Lost Ground is STILL streaming exclusively on Birthday Cake For Breakfast. Listen here!

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