Post War Glamour Girls get legless (and the rest) in new video for ‘Organ Donor’

(Photo Credit: Shot by Stan)

Described by their label Hide & Seek Records to be “As close to a love song as you’ll get from Post War Glamour Girls”, the Leeds quartet have just unleashed a hypnotic video for latest single ‘Organ Donor’.

The spine-tingling Organ Donor is the second single (three if you count their Too Pure Singles Club release for ‘Welfare By Prozac’) to be taken from their tremendous third album ‘Swan Songs’, out this April.

Swan Songs was recorded last year on the North Coast of Scotland in near enough isolation. Birthday Cake For Breakfast got the scoop (and a whole lot more) when we spoke with Post War Glamour Girls late last year, with drummer Ben Clyde summing up their location intentions:
That’s why we did it. We went up there ‘cus it was just the middle of nowhere, basically.”

Read the rest of that interview here and be sure to check out the new video below:

Listen to ‘Organ Donor’ and a host of other 2K17 BNGRZ in our Now Playing playlist!

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