The Moonlandingz bring back-door-knock-only sleaziness to the masses in ‘The Strangle Of Anna’

Ahead of the release of their first proper album – ‘INTERPLANETARY CLASS CLASSICS’ – this Friday, The Moonlandingz have unleashed upon the world a sleazy, back-door-knock-only masterpiece for their new single ‘The Strangle Of Anna’.

Though it first appeared on the NME this afternoon (Oh dear oh dear), this is just a sure sign of the rocket that’s been strapped to the back of The Moonlandingz this past year and beyond. What once started out as a superb slice of comedy drama, an LP release from The Eccentronic Research Council focusing on a stalker and her beloved Johnny Rocket, has since become a runaway train thanks to an ever growing devoted fan base and plaudits from the likes of The Quietus and BBC Radio 6 Music on the regular.

A Moonlandingz live show is quite something, with debauchery and mayhem on the menu and both punter and artist getting well and truly stuck in (Read about our past trips to Moonlandingz shows here).

Check out the new video below and keep an eye out for The Moonlandingz when they hit up your town soon!

Listen to ‘The Strangle Of Anna’ and ‘Black Hanz’ in our Now Playing playlist!

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