EP Review: Husky Loops – Husky Loops

Review from Jay Stansfield

Foreboding into existence like an underground 60’s band, ‘The Man’ fuels itself with a deep, driving, throbbing bass with some lovely vocals simmering over the top and then wonks out into some kind of cool alt-rock AC/DC for a few seconds before turning into something akin to Menomena. It finishes off with some gorgeous piano that could be straight from a Patrick Watson or Tortoise album.

Husky Loops really know how to drive and drone with those basslines and ‘Tempo’ is homage to this. It’s got a distant 80’s vibe about it in the melodies and ends with a cracking Beatles-esque Beefheart bit. They’re not afraid to experiment a bit which is something lacking in a lot of music these days.

Fighting Myself’ is like how Skunk Anansie might have turned out if they’d had a musical baby with Senser or Dub War with its simplistic, grinding groove and it slowly builds into a frenzied guitar and drum attack bustling with energy and fire. ‘Dead’ starts like Brian May has popped in for a party with Supergrass and Franz Ferdinand with its disco beats and choppy guitars and transitions into an almost Foo Fighters vibe before blotching itself into a weird art-rock finale.

Husky – Esque’ can only be found on the vinyl and it’s a veritable feast of Led Zep smacking Pink Floyd on their chubby bassline arses. It has tight drums, tight bass, tight vocals and it’s tight all over with some surprising little audio twists and turns. The production is great on this EP and it keeps you entertained, engaged and tapping. Like a nodding dog. Definitely worth your precious time.

Husky Loops self-titled EP is available on April 7th through Alcopop Records – Pre order here! Listen to singles from the EP here!

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