EP Review: Wax Futures – The Museum Of Everything

Review from Ben Forrester

I’ve always admired the happy-go-lucky attitude of Wax Futures. There is no pretense here, no desperation for industry approval, just three mates making nostalgic and honest rock music. ‘The Museum Of Everything‘ is their third EP and follows up the 2014 release ‘A History Of Things To Come‘. The Telfordian trio have taken their time to craft this 7 track mini-album and from first listen it is clear to hear the graft as they’ve stepped it up in terms of performance, song craft and sonics.

Sandcastles In The Snow‘ is a striking opener, as spoken word samples flicker around a spiky guitar line which suddenly bursts into this driving rock song, full of confidence and vigour. This soon escalates into a flurry of layered guitars and a super catchy chorus. It’s a bold start to a bold record.

Demographics‘ and recent single ‘(My Body Is A) Landfill‘ are the sort of high energy rock monsters that we’ve come to expect from Wax Futures, overdrive pedals doing overtime with vocals snarling, but it’s when they switch things up a bit that they really begin to shine.

Wreck Of The Hesperus‘ brings looped guitars to the forefront, giving a proper nice twiddly feel to this sprightly pop pomp which I’d say is their most fist pumping moment to date.’The 90’s Called, It Wants Yr Misspent Youth Back‘ is a fun tune starting with a proper gnarly riff before descending into this plodding little verse which is an unexpectedly cool transition. Although, I do wish they’d bring that riff back more as it sees them going down a slightly heavier avenue that I think suits them. Then you have ‘Brittle Bones‘ which is the super epic 7 minute closer, complete with gang vocal breakdown and full on guitar wig-out ending. It’s great to see the band having fun with arrangements and trying to push all elements of their sound as well as exploring new ones.

The Museum Of Everything does not fail in delivering this overwhelming sense of spirit and compassion and there is no denying that the band have poured every ounce of energy into it. If you want an uplifting and honest rock record that packs a punch, Wax Futures will see you right on this, their strongest set to date.

The Museum Of Everything is out March 31st – Grab yourself a pre-order here!

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