Exclusive: Men With Ven – Watch footage of USA Nails as they tour Europe in late 2015

(Photo Credit: James Perou)

Right, before you get going – let’s not even fucking bring up this palaver with bands from the UK touring in Europe now and all the consequences that surround the idea. Let’s instead look back on the good times, through the visual means of a USA Nails tour video from a European trip in late 2015.

Ahead of the release of ‘Shame Spiral’ – the band’s third album, out June 16th 2017 on Bigout Records and Hominid Sounds – Birthday Cake For Breakfast is delighted to present this visual delight for your pleasure, which features a number of songs from the new record.

Speaking on their European excursion, guitarist Gareth Thomas had this to say:

Hey have you ever read any of those hand wringing articles on The Guardian and the like about how hard life is for jobbing musicians because they have to share hotel rooms and ha hahaha GET A JOB IN CALL CENTRE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE THEN.

This film documents our last proper European tour back in the Autumn of 2015. We’ll be heading out again this May/June in support of our new record and are very much looking forward to it. Touring DIY is harder work than a *real* holiday. In fact, it’s mostly harder work than our actual jobs. But I guess it might be fun too, and no one is forcing us to go so we don’t deserve your heckin’ sympathy. Either way, we are too long in the tooth to take up new hobbies now.

Watch this video because it’s probably better than listening to my workmate’s story about what taps they bought at Homebase on the weekend kill me now.

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