Exclusive: Take time out for a ‘Tactical Chunder’ – Stream the debut album from Space Blood!

(Photo Credit: Jim Vondruska Photography)

Strap yourselves in folks, it’s set to get weird.

Everyone’s favourite Malort fuelled mathematical mad men are literally on the vinegar strokes of releasing their debut album ‘Tactical Chunder, a voyage of tripped out, experimental delights that will have you frothing at the food hole. We’ve been big supporters of Space Blood for a while now so we’re super-duper chuffed to provide your ears with this treat – Tactical Chunder streaming in full below!

Sharing influences between their Midwestern heroes such as Shellac and Don Caballero with the comedy chops of Eric Andre and Tim & Eric, Space Blood have gone to town on their debut to avoid the Youtube level of “tappy and maximalist contemporary math rock flooding the internet”, with  young-percussionist and man-behind-the-kit William Covert stating:

“If Andrew W.K. and Eric Andre joined Don Caballero what would it sound like? Hopefully it’d sound like Tactical Chunder. We wanted to make an album that sounded like our live show and even if you’ve never seen our live show would still hopefully enjoy the album.

Sticking with their Chicago roots, Tactical Chunder was recorded and mixed at Chicago’s infamous Electrical Audio Studios in June of last year by Sanford Parker. Of their experience at the Illinois studio, William said:

“We’ve both been fans of Sanford Parker’s work as a musician and engineer for years, and he definitely helped shape the sound of the record and brought out some of the heaviness and noise rock elements in our music more to the forefront on parts of Tactical Chunder. Sanford also played Moog synth on the track “Technical Shamanism” which made the song have a Tangerine Dream meets Zombi kind of krautrock prog feel, and he added some noise textures to the end of “Unintentional Manscaping” that really gave the song new life. Often times as a band you try to make an album sound a certain way and how the recordings turn out can be very different from what you hear in your head, and we were going for a specific sound on Tactical Chunder, which we feel we were able to achieve by recording with Sanford Parker at Electrical Audio.

Tactical Chunder is out May 3rd on Lonely Voyage Records – pre-order yourself a copy here (US) or here (UK/EU)!

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