EP Review: Peaness – Are You Sure?

Review from Ben Forrester

I think it’s fair to say that Peaness are one of the most talked about indie-pop bands in the UK right now. Twee-pop fans have been going pretty mad on this Chester based trio, with all physical releases selling out in record time and all live shows being totally packed to the rafters. So it makes total sense that dead good indie label Alcopop snapped them up at the start of the year in order to put out their second EP, ‘Are You Sure?‘.

Although their name is getting out there, this EP is likely to serve as an introduction to many, so there are a few previously released singles on here as well a couple of new jams! I’d say it was a good move of the band to include older tracks like ‘Oh George‘ here, because they act as perfect examples of why Peaness are such a well liked act. It’s all down to this interesting dynamic they’ve got, combining these sprightly bubble-pop instrumentals with melancholic lyrics and particularly on Oh George, they sing so sweetly about heartache and deceit, at first you miss how heartbreaking the track really is.

That bittersweet dynamic is one that runs throughout the record. Musically it’s like butter wouldn’t melt, but dig a little deeper and you get commentary on global food waste (‘Ugly Veg’) and that sinking feeling of being trapped in your own town (‘Same Place’). It’s all wrapped up in sumptuous harmonies, head swaying beats and bright, breezy guitars that take you away from some of the harsh realities that the band tackle lyrically.

Peaness do switch things up a little bit on the track ‘Seafoam Islands‘, which has sharp guitar chords and a pulsating to the floor beat which has a slightly more darker tone to the other instrumentals here. But instead of putting a bleaker lyrical spin, they actually transcend into this beautiful chorus that coos “I wanna get lost in you“, which is just lovely! It adds a really nice balance to the rest of the record and shows that this is a band that think carefully about what they’re writing and why they’re writing it.

Are You Sure?‘ is a record that demands your attention in order to understand its full intent. You have to peel the onion here to get to the core of what Peaness are about, which is making pop music for those who embrace the mundanities of real life, giving it a pleasant hair ruffle and cracking the fuck on.

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