Hey, have you heard about…Mi Mye

Clear the decks – Proper stop you in your tracks, lump in the throat stuff here.

‘Methadone Church’, the latest single from Mi Mye, was written following a single vision, a blink and you’ll miss it non event observed by frontman Jamie Lockhart of a mother (with a bloody lip) walking down the street with her twin daughters. Thank the great and powerful that this trio walked past Lockhart that day, as it’s developed into this spine-tingling, majestic heart-wrencher.

Methadone Church is the final single to be taken from 2016’s stunning full length (oo-er) ‘The Sympathy Sigh. Flip it over and the B-side is a reworking of album track ‘He Believes In Me’,  with James Smith of Post War Glamour Girls on vocals (Lockhart co-produced the latest PWGG album ‘Swan Songs’ in his birthplace of Skerray in Scotland).

Mi Mye aren’t box fresh by any stretch. Well known in Wakefield, Mi Mye was born as a solo outfit by one Jamie Lockhart a number of years back. One thing lead to another and Mi Mye soon became a band of five. Marc Riley is a fan and has previously had them in session, and they’ve even supported The Cribs at a recent homecoming show. But like me, you might be unfamiliar. So do yourself a favour –  Take five minutes out of your day and check them out for yourself below.

Methadone Church/He Believes In Me was released at the tail end of last month on Hide & Seek Records and Philophobia Music.

Listen to ‘Methadone Church’ in our Now Playing Spotify Playlist!

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