a/s/l: Alpha Male Tea Party

Remember the days of the old schoolyard? Remember when Myspace was a thing? Remember those time-wasting, laborious quizzes that everyone used to love so much? Birthday Cake For Breakfast is bringing them back! 

Every couple of weeks, an unsuspecting band will be subject to the same old questions about dead bodies, Hitler, crying and crushes.  

This week: Silver fox, handsome brute Greg Chapman – drummer of that Alpha Male Tea Party!

(Photo Credit: Michelle Roberts)

33, a male man, Liverpool.

Have you ever seen a dead body?
Yeah, well…limbs and stuff, mostly heads and legs, but never the full thing. I’ve worked on live autopsies a few times. It’s pretty grim viewing.

Who is your favourite Simpsons character?
Mayor Diamond Joe’ Quimby….he has many, many parallels with the mayor where I live.

What T-Shirt are you wearing?
I’m writing to you within the comfort of my PJ’s.

What did your last text message say?
Nah Blud!!

What’s the last song you listened to?
Portalby Syd Arthur. Played with them at Bad Pond in Brighton the other week and now I’m hooked on their (his) stuff.

How did you meet the people in your band?
Through a mutual mate…. I had just left my last band on the Sunday, AMTPs first drummer left on the Monday, I joined on the Tuesday, we were makin’ love by Wednesday etc…etc… I’m not even joking.

What’s the first record you bought?
Fuckin’ eons ago that.. Christ.. Can’t remember if it was The Thunderbirds are GO, The Blobby Song by Mr Blobby, Yell’s Instant Replay or Yellow’s Zebra. Definitely all on vinyl though, because I was cool before everybody else was OK?

What was your favourite VHS growing up?
Wargames. The film where Mathew Broderick accidentally hacks into the US government defence system and starts a pretend WW3 as the Russians.

When was the last time you cried?
Upon receiving some bad news about a loved one. But it’s all good now!

Have you ever kissed someone & regretted it?
I kissed Tom once and I don’t regret it a single bit.

Best Physical Feature?
Good nails, sturdy legs.

Worst physical feature?
Everything north of the groin. I have zero dexterity in my fingers too, which can be a pain for my cello lessons.

Reasonably ok/not bad feature that you’re not fussed about?
A pronounced jawline.

Do you have any pets?
My cat Priscilla. She’s amazing.

Ever picked up any injuries on tour?
We all seem to fuck up our backs on tour, all that onstage japery I think. Apart from that we’re pretty safe’n’steady boys.

What did you do for your last birthday?
Got blind smashed. That kinda blackout smashed you feel scatty for the whole week after.

Name something you CANNOT wait for?
Our festival shows and my wedding. Not in that order though!

Do you have a crush on someone?
My beautiful fiancé… *that’s the correct answer, right?

What’s the shittest experience you’ve had as a musician?
Christ, how long have got? Every time we’ve played in Dundee. Sorry like… it’s a real long slog of a drive to play to absolutely nobody, drive back home through the night and immediately have to go and do a day’s work. Played in Oldham once too.

If you could go back in time, how far would you go?
To the time where we started the band and tell us to avoid playing shows in Dundee.

How do you want to die?
A happy guy.

What’s your favourite thing about pizza?
It’s a beautiful bready blank canvas.

What are you craving right now?
A bevvy if I’m honest.

Have you ever been on a horse?
Yeah, and it fucking kills yer arse good style.

What did you dream about last night?
Not a sausage.

If you could go back in time and kill the baby Hitler, would you?
That’s well deep… Well yeah I would I suppose. But you might kill yourself off in the process within the timecontinuum if your grandparents met in the war.

Do you like Chinese food?
Love it, even the MSG heavy stuff. The chippy by mine used to make a mean beef in OK sauce, so full of MSG it would stay in the carton if you turned it upside down. It made me feel sooo dirty!!

Have you ever been on TV?
Not that I’m aware of although I think I did something at school where we were on TV. Maybe. Hazy days.

Ever meet someone famous?
Oh many… such stars like Chris Tarrant, Kirsty Gallagher, Bruce Forsyth, Gabby Logan and Pete Price. Actually there’s a longer story about the Pete Price meet but that’s for another time.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Always wanted to be an Air Traffic Controller, but you need to have good eyes and be able to count…so it’s probably not for me.

The new Alpha Male Tea Party record ‘Health’ is released June 23rd through Big Scary Monsters. Pre-order here!

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One thought on “a/s/l: Alpha Male Tea Party

  1. I’ve seen Alpha Male Tea Party live in Dundee *twice*. The second time, there were only six people there and I bought a t-shirt partly out of sympathy, but mostly because it had an ace cat on it.

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