Album Review: Kamikaze Girls – Seafoam

Review from Ben Wilson

Leeds’ saddest feel good band, Kamikaze Girls, have been making waves ever since the release of their highly acclaimed EP ‘SAD’ last year. With a collection of very successful tours across the UK, Europe, and US – and their recent signing to the DIY goliath label, Big Scary Monsters – the band are gearing up to release their debut album, ‘Seafoam’. This full length sees Kamikaze Girls expand on the topics they explored on SAD, with it all intertwined between chorus laden stoner-rock riffs and high energy sad songs.

The LP starts off with ‘One Young Man’, a sombre recount of a very traumatic event – and this is where the prescient for the rest of the record is set. Seafoam demonstrates little shrouding events through metaphor, favouring very autobiographical and matter of fact lyrical content. One Young Man contains all of these traits, with the ending refrain sporting a combination of catchy singing ad very intense, emotive shouting. This leads well into ‘Berlin’, the lead single from the record and a banger of track – having a great juxtaposition between the very energetic and lively instrumentation and the sad, sad lyrics.

A great stand out track on the album is ‘KG Go To The Pub’, a very self aware track all about the crude format some nights out in the UK take, with very pushy and disrespectful people taking privileges where they shouldn’t. A lyric that captures the essence of the song very well is ‘I’m not your fucking sweetheart, mate’ – with that line accurately capturing what the song is all about and all together against.

Deathcap’ and ‘Weaker Than’ are other stand out tracks on the album. Deathcap sees Kamikaze Girls become complacent with the current state of affairs in UK politics, and Weaker Than has a sonic departure from every other song on the album – with it just being a solo guitar and vocal venture, very solemnly describing the events as seen from a hospital bed.

The record ends on a high with ‘I Don’t Want To Be Sad Forever’, talking about all of the things in the world that need to change in order for sadness and things related in the world to end. Seafoam is such a strong debut for Kamikaze Girls to come out swinging with. They have evolved so much sonically and lyrically, with this record seeing them take on new heights and breaking new boundaries as musicians.

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