Get ready to RECEIVE Thee MVPs

(Photo Credit: JOAO MUCHADO)

Purveyors of ‘Thames Pop’, their very own genre, Southern quartet Thee MVPs have been on the Birthday Cake For Breakfast radar for a good while now (having previously answered a load of daftie questions for us). We just can’t get enough of their 100mph live show and collection of righteous, full pelt punk-y numbers. A joy to watch, this past year has seen them opening up shows for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Pulled Apart By Horses and even pop up at SXSW!

Thee MVPs have now got a new EP in the works, having put together a super sweet transmission entitled ‘RECEIVER‘, capturing five songs that made up a short session the quartet produced at Brighton Electric with Max Horn aka BaronXBones and Theo Verney. The live EP is physically due out in autumn via Yankee labels Burger Records and Greenway Records (on 10” vinyl via the latter!)

Going into the production, the band put forth a Mission Statement: Make it look like it’s from the 70s, like “those old Beat Club and Old Grey Whistle Test videos”. Mission accomplished? You be the judge – check out ‘Funeral’ below and find the other bits and bobs from RECEIVER here:

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