Top 50 of 2K17 #1 – 10: From Dutch Uncles to Pissed Jeans

If you can Adam-and-believe-it, 2017 is almost a distant memory. We’re flying through the year as the world crumbles to bits. Thank Christ then that there’s been some good music on our journey into destruction! 

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve been painstakingly choosing our favourite singles of the year and after much consideration, here’s our TOP 50 OF 2K17 (but it’s not in order, obviously…)

Everything Everything – ‘Can’t Do‘ (A Fever Dream, RCA RECORDS)

The return single from this Northern powerhouse, the infectious ‘Can’t Do’ is taken from their forthcoming album ‘A Fever Dream’, likely to have you jumping for joy on its release this August. Talk about not missing a beat, the hype train keeps roaring on!

Dutch Uncles – ‘Streetlight’ (Big Balloon, Memphis Industries)

One of the big hitters on an LP made up of big hitters, it’s the first appearance from Dutch Uncles in our list but I can promise you it won’t be their last. A ludicrous little number tucked away toward the end of latest album ‘Big Balloon’, its sultry tone is truly hypnotising!

Pissed Jeans – ‘The Bar Is Low’ (Why Love Now, Sub Pop Records)

Technically released in 2016, this rough and ready lead single from their 2017 release ‘Why Love Now’ is a proper shin kicker, sneering that we’re well and truly fighting for scraps right now. Cherry on top? This piss-funny promotional music video that catches our lads jock-ing it up in the gym.

Menace Beach – ‘Maybe We’ll Drown‘ (Lemon MemoryMemphis Industries)

The lead single from their latest record, ‘Maybe We’ll Drown’ captures the fuzzed out nature of the Leeds quintet perfectly, topped off with the spine-tingling vocal of Liza Violet.
Check out our exclusive interview with Menace Beach here!

Sleaford Mods – ‘Moptop’ (English Tapas, Rough Trade Records)

What a year it’s been for our Sleaford Mods. Giant showings at Wembley and Glastonbury Festival over the past month as well as shows all over the world have seen the duo getting in the face of all and sundry. Their latest record ‘English Tapas’ kick started the year for them and ‘Moptop’ sees them at their piss-funny, infectious best.

Idles – ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ (Brutalism, Balley Records)

Acerbic and side-splittingly funny all at once, ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ takes shots at Rothko (paints like a child), Bellingham (shite photographer) and Francis Bacon (fucking div) against a frantic wig-splitting noise assault.

Meat Wave – ‘Bad Man’ (The Incessant, Big Scary Monsters/SideOneDummy Records)

Chicago’s gnarliest trio Meat Wave put out a real stormer of a record in ‘The Incessant’ earlier this year, with ‘Bad Man’ capturing the ferocity perfectly. We were slightly late to the party with Meat Wave, but we’re fully on board now.

Oh Sees – ‘The Static God’ (Orc, Castleface Records)

Taken from their 19th album out later this year (!), Oh Sees don’t just hit the ground running, they obliterate the ground and everything underneath it – Think that stadium scene from ‘Akira’ (as you’ll find out as soon as you click play). Always hit, never miss.

Thundercat – ‘Show You The Way’ (Drunk, Brainfeeder)

From his most recent 20+ track LP Drunk, Thundercat brings the silky smooth vibez to this collaborative work of genius. FFO’s: Alan’s Deep Bath.

Cate Le Bon – ‘Rock Pool’ (Rock Pool, Drag City)

The lead single from a four-track EP released earlier this year, Cate Le Bon amps up the kookiness in this delightful little segway from 2016’s ‘Crab Day’ LP. The sixties vibe is strong in this one.

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