Top 50 of 2K17 #11 – 20: From Fleet Foxes to The Moonlandingz

If you can Adam-and-believe-it, 2017 is almost a distant memory. We’re flying through the year as the world crumbles to bits. Thank Christ then that there’s been some good music on our journey into destruction! 

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve been painstakingly choosing our favourite singles of the year and after much consideration, here’s our TOP 50 OF 2K17 (but it’s not in order, obviously…)

Mac DeMarco – ‘My Old Man’ (This Old Dog, Captured Tracks)

He’s done it again folks – Mac DeMarco’s gone away, had a think, and come back with a proper winner of a record. One of two lead singles from his latest LP ‘This Old Dog’, this is stripped back, subdued and reflective Mac, retaining that charm of our favourite late 20’s Canadian. Slip this on and slip off your kecks, lads.

Priests – ‘Jj’ (Nothing Feels Natural, Sister Polygon Records)

A sure fire contender for album of the year with their debut LP ‘Nothing Feels Natural’, the cooler-than-cool Washington, DC quartet Priests let loose on ‘Jj’. It’s hard not to get caught up in the wildcat vocal of Katie Alice Greer and the surf-pop swagger of the tune itself. Recommended.

The Moonlandingz – ‘The Strangle Of Anna’ (Interplanetary Class Classics, Transgressive)

Dirtbox Johnny Rocket is up to his old tricks again – complete with fried egg corset (obvs) in this Velvet Underground-esque love song dripping with sleaze. Everyone’s raving about The Moonlandingz these days and with good reason – the tunes are there and the live show is untouchable. Consider ‘The Strangle Of Anna’ as a breather from the chaos (almost…)

The Physics House Band – ‘Calypso‘ (Mercury Fountain, Small Pond)

Taken from their mind-bending new release ‘Mercury Fountain’, The Physics House Band amp up the funky, tripped out math-rock that fans have become accustomed to – and then turn it up to 11. Proper gurning shit this, folks. Brighton’s finest at it again.

Fleet Foxes – ‘Third Of May/Odaigahara’ (Crack-Up, Nonesuch Records Inc.)

Within seconds of hearing this for the first time, I could feel my heart swelling and the hairs rising on the back of my neck. Swept up entirely by the heartbreaking delivery on the vocals, against the luscious sounds created by the quintet. Then it hits that halfway point!

Post War Glamour Girls – ‘Pollyanna Cowgirl’ (Swan Songs, Hide & Seek Records)

A live favourite for sure, ‘Pollyanna Cowgirl’ marks the first appearance from Post War Glamour Girls in this list. A pulsing, enthralling piece of work from the cult Leeds quartet. Favourite part? The backing vocal of drummer Ben Clyde on the chorus. Spine-tingling.

Shaking Chains – ‘Midnight Oil’ 

A hip-shaking, head-bobber of a debut for definite, the song is a sparking wick on a dynamite stick, verging on a chaotic ending at any second. The first single from London/Manchester’s Shaking Chains picked up a lot of attention on its release a few months back. It’s certainly done the trick – they’re supporting cult favourites James this July!

Pulled Apart By Horses – ‘The Big What If’ (The Haze, Caroline International)

A foot-stomping return from our favourites Pulled Apart By Horses is absolutely what the doctor ordered. Taken from their storming new LP ‘The Haze’, it sees the Leeds quartet back at their gnarly, riff-y best. Undeniably catchy chorus on this fucker!

Sweet Baboo – ‘Badminton’ (Wild Imagination, Moshi Moshi Records)

Who knew a song about losing at badminton could evoke such sadness? The luscious, captivating ‘Badminton’ is taken from Sweet Baboo’s latest record ‘Wild Imagination’, one which we called “An ode to the little things and starry eyed views, making a break for it and swollen hearts.”
(You can read all about that here!)

Dutch Uncles – ‘Oh Yeah’ (Big Balloon, Memphis Industries)

Potentially the single of the year, this is Dutch Uncles at their Duncan-dancing best. We called it a 100% dick straightener when it came out, and we stand by that statement still.

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