Top 50 of 2K17 #21 – 30: From Death From Above to USA Nails

If you can Adam-and-believe-it, 2017 is almost a distant memory. We’re flying through the year as the world crumbles to bits. Thank Christ then that there’s been some good music on our journey into destruction! 

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve been painstakingly choosing our favourite singles of the year and after much consideration, here’s our TOP 50 OF 2K17 (but it’s not in order, obviously…)

The Yossarians – ‘I Have Eyes’ (Fabric Of Time)

The Yossarians released ‘Fabric Of Time’ into the world on New Years Day 2017 and with it the wonderfully captivating ‘I Have Eyes’. A story woven in that’s just as intriguing as the Manchester collective. How’s about that closing stretch?

H. Hawkline – ‘My Mine’ (I Romanticize, Heavenly Recordings)

A lovely little number from Welsh singer songwriter H.Hawkline, ‘My Mine’ is taken from his latest LP ‘I Romanticize’ and is just as heavenly as the label it’s released on!

Death From Above – ‘Freeze Me’

The incredible Death From Above 1979 are back (again) with the slow-burn future hit that is ‘Freeze Me’. A scorching follow up to 2014’s amazing comeback ‘The Physical World’.

Gallops – ‘Darkjewel’ (Bronze Mystic, Blood & Biscuits)

How’s about we get trapped inside a PS2, how’s that sound? This engrossing 7 minute number from Gallops is stunning, on the quiet. Gnarly enough to start with, but it keeps going and going and going, amping up the cacophony every other minute. Stupidly good.

Drahla – ‘Faux Text’ (Too Pure Singles Club)

Leeds sure know how to breed ‘em! Originally featured as an exclusive single through the much-celebrated Too Pure Singles Club, ‘Faux Text’ is a brilliantly different, straight out of the 80’s early single from Drahla and a good indicator of why people are starting to take notice.

Omni – ‘Thesis’ (Chunklet)

Omni’s debut album ‘Deluxe’ was a last minute album of the year contender in 2016 and it’s been on regular rotation here for the remainder of 2017. A 7” soon followed due to popular demand, with the brilliant ‘Thesis’ tail-ending it. Cannot get enough of this Atlanta trio.


A raucous new single from our favourite four-legged Southern duo JOHN, ‘Ghost Printer’ is the first single taken from their debut LP (due out later this year). Exciting!
How’s about reading this interview with the duo? Why not!

Sparks – ‘What The Hell Is It This Time?’ (Hippopotamus, BMG Rights Management)

It says a lot that LA art-rock duo Sparks are still knocking belting tunes out at the ripe old age of near-70. Taken from their 22nd studio album (!), the duo take a stern look at religion and all sorts on this fascinating number.

PINS – ‘Aggrophobe’ (Bad Thing, Haus Of Pins)

Manchester gang PINS hooked up with Iggy Pop for the sultry, hypnotic ‘Aggrophobe’. Think the intro to ‘Enfilade’, Mother Leopard, but chock full of sass.

USA Nails – ‘University Home’ (Shame Spiral, Hominid Sounds/Bigout Records)

Taken from their brutal new LP ‘Shame Spiral’, ‘University Home’ takes USA Nails to new skull crushing heights and cements their status as one of the best bands knocking abut the fringes today.

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