Top 50 of 2K17 #41 – 50: From Space Blood to Idles

If you can Adam-and-believe-it, 2017 is almost a distant memory. We’re flying through the year as the world crumbles to bits. Thank Christ then that there’s been some good music on our journey into destruction! 

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve been painstakingly choosing our favourite singles of the year and after much consideration, here’s our TOP 50 OF 2K17 (but it’s not in order, obviously…)

Meat Wave – ‘Run You Out’ (The Incessant, Big Scary Monsters/SideOneDummy Records)

Admittedly a 2016 release, ‘Run You Out’ had its official video release this year so still counts! A  joyous 120-odd seconds from Chicago trio Meat Wave. An absolute screamer from their latest record ‘The Incessant’.

Space Blood – ‘Cemetery School’ (Tactical Chunder, Lonely Voyage Records)

Our favourite intergalactic kooks Space Blood finally released a full length this year (oo-er), with ‘Cemetery School’ being its weirdo lead single. Intricate and spaced out math-rock for all the family. 

Weirds – ‘Phantom’ (Swarmculture, Alcopop!)

Weirds have had this year nailed, releasing their debut LP through indie tastemaker label Alcopop! and nipping out on a tour across the UK with The Wytches. In ‘Phantom’, Weirds look down on their contemporaries from up high.

USA Nails – ‘Piling Up’ (Sell Sell Sell, SAD TAPES) 

On ‘Sell Sell Sell‘ USA Nails stripped back their sound somewhat, recording to a Yamaha MM30 cassette recorder between rehearsal rooms and at home. It’s still USA Nails but a bit more raw so we can see their teeth. Gnarly as ever.

Idles – ‘Mother’  (Brutalism, Balley Records)

A working class anthem for the masses, ‘Mother’ is Idles at their most honest and brutal. Feel those hairs standing on the back of your neck and your blood boiling.

Cowtown – ‘Emojicore’ (Paranormal Romance, The Audacious Art Experiment)

Another instance of a 2016 release getting the video treatment in 2017, it would be hard not to include this COWTOWN single because… just LOOK at that video! Synth-tastic Devo-esque vibes aplenty from this cult Leeds trio.

NIGHT OWLS – ‘Out Of My Head

The return of NIGHT OWLS brings with it their delectable new single – the sun soaked, shoegaze-esque sounds of ‘Out Of My Head’. A foot off the pedal than what we’ve come to expect but a great indicator of what’s to come from their new material.

Post War Glamour Girls – ‘Organ Donor’ (Swan Songs, Hide & Seek Records)

An absolute beast in a live setting, the entrancing ‘Organ Donor’ is an unreal dose of hypnotic pleasure from Leeds own Post War Glamour Girls. Drink it in.

Pile – ‘Texas’ (A Hairshirt Of Purpose, Exploding In Sound Records)

The riffy lead single from the latest Pile record, ‘Texas’ storms along with the feel of heading into battle. A monster of a track.

Pip Blom – ‘I Think I’m In Love’

A proper lovely little scuzzy pop banger from Amsterdam, ‘I Think I’m In Love’ sees Pip Blom getting right into your head with this infectious number. 

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