Live Review: Everything Everything at The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge 17 June 2017

For those of us who live up North, good weather is an occasional luxury. The Mancunians amongst us struggle with this on a daily basis with our constant downpours (I recently had to brave Storm Doris just to interview fellow Northeners Dutch Uncles)

When the sun has got his hat on, we can’t get enough. A few weeks back, on seemingly the hottest day ever experienced up North, a daytrip to Hebden Bridge was most certainly on the cards. Coincidentally, later that evening Everything Everything would be performing at the famous Trades Club – their first time playing in the popular Yorkshire market town.

Everything Everything are riding a wave of unreal hype right now, with Hebden Bridge the starting point for a mini tour of sold out venues across the UK and following heaps of radio play for their new single ‘Can’t Do’. The first single taken from their forthcoming album ‘A Fever Dream’ – produced by James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Foals) and out this August – had its premiere on BBC Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record. It even made our list of the Top 50 singles of the year – high praise indeed!

With the restaurants and bars of the town rammed with punters, a small number of lucky patrons were taking a break from the sun to scream for joy at the return of Everything Everything.

Early on into their arrival, we’re informed by frontman Jonathan Higgs that the band are due to play some new stuff and sure enough the opener is one taken from A Fever Dream. ‘Night of the Long Knives’ is its name and with it comes an impeccable vocal performance from Jonathan. The absolute MVP from their Hebden Bridge outing, his vocals are on form throughout and he quite rightly belts it out. The heat of the venue is no match for the hypnotising, infectious performance of the Northern quartet. Take a bow lads.

In hindsight, it’s a pretty cool realisation that the congregation gathered in Hebden were likely the very first to witness these new songs performed live. From ‘A Fever Dream’, the quartet also play ‘Desire’ – a song slicker than the hairdo’s of the three other members of the band – and ‘Big Game’, a chilled out affair for the most part with the mightiest of riffs.

At one stage they even announce a song is leagues above what we’ve heard tonight – “Brand brand new”, alleged to be taken from album number six! As it turns out, it’s just a blinding rendition of ‘Suffragette Suffragette’, but hey – no complaints from anyone in the room.

Elsewhere the old favourites are out in force, and whilst new material be the order of the day, tracks from their past three releases are given time to shine. The wonderfully altered ‘Get To Hebden’ makes an appearance, as does the giant, foot-stomping ‘Regret’ and its undeniably catchy chorus. There’s also joyous singalongs aplenty on ‘Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread’ and ‘Cough Cough’, the latter showcasing the many talents of percussionist Peter Sené. One of the best things about an Everything Everything live show is seeing the many talents of Peter being put to use, and it’s wonderful to see him still in the fold. His energetic, captivating playing style is always a joy to behold and he really comes alive in tracks like ‘Kemosabe’.

In terms of future hit, none sounded bigger than ‘Ivory Tower’. Featuring a mad-ed drum beat to accompany the exhilarating vocal of Jonathan, I’d put the house on it being a huge hit come late August. Speaking of massive hits, the anthemic ‘No Reptiles’ follows swiftly and it feels like a movement is happening not only in the room but in my tear ducts and it takes all I can to not leak a few tears…

With Jeremy Corbyn chants deafening the bar staff (the same chants allegedly also kicking off in the coming week at Manchester’s Albert Hall), Everything Everything had no choice but to return to stage having only been gone a minute or two. Their return comes with them knocking out a spine-tingling rendition of their latest single Can’t Do, which has insta-hit written all over it. It’s quickly followed up by ‘Distant Past’, one of the biggest smashers from the last LP Get To Heaven, and a sure fire stormer worthy of the last song of the evening. Having captivated the audience up to this point and with Jonathan holding the entire crowd in his palm, a simple “See you soon” acts as the cherry on top to one of the year’s biggest shows.

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2 thoughts on “Live Review: Everything Everything at The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge 17 June 2017

  1. Great review! There was no ‘allegedly’ about the Corbyn chants at The Albert Hall, I was there as well (#fanboi). One awesome new tune played at the Albert Hall that wasn’t aired at Hebden Bridge was the epic title track of the new album, A Fever Dream. Most probably because there wasn’t really enough room to bring on a keyboard for Jonathan to play at the Trades.

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