Exclusive: Hear ‘Knew You’d Never Been There’ – Seize The Chair’s latest on Too Pure Singles Club

Good news, pals – Every band’s favourite band (and by association, your favourite band) Seize The Chair have got new music on the way!

28th July will see Seize The Chair return to the Too Pure Singles Club with their latest ‘Knew You’d Never Been There’ on an exclusive 7”, twinned with previous release ‘Secret Sister’ on the flip side, both recorded with… you guessed it, MJ of Hookworms at Suburban Home in Leeds.

Cult-ish favourites Seize The Chair have been knocking about for a number of years, known for blistering live shows and turning up at the odd Marc Riley session here and there (they’ve got one coming up on August 8th!)

It’s almost pointless trying to capture what Seize The Chair are all about though, as no fandom can compare to that of Too Pure Singles Club head honcho Paul Riddlesworth. Thankfully, we’ve got Paul on hand to give his thoughts on having Seize The Chair back in the Club. Take it away, Paul:

“I’ve been running the singles club for coming up to 9 years now and have been lucky to have released an incredible array of quite frankly fucking awesome bands. Throughout that time, one of the things that has always baffled me is the fact that no one has picked these guys up yet… what’s wrong with people…THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!!! It’s no secret that my love for these idiots knows no bounds… as this will be their 3rd instalment in the Singles Club. Their first 7″ “You Who” got set alight in the Sony fire all those years ago, so none of the Indies ever got their copies as we didn’t have the money to repress it… The second was a split Christmas Single with Best Friends in 2013  which wasn’t an actual Christmas song but an excuse to release “I Just Want To Sleep” and now for their third single we have the honour of releasing “Knew You’d Never been There” on the 28th July – and it’s a solid gold banger!”

Listen to Knew You’d Never Been There below and catch them at Tramlines Festival this July at The Great Gatsby for a Too Pure spectacular, also featuring Mush, Drahla, Cowtown and Unqualified Nurse band!

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