Exclusive: Listen to the latest offerings from Post-Punk trio Unwave

(Photo Credit: Kirsty Garland)

Regular readers of Birthday Cake For Breakfast will know we’re slightly infatuated with bands coming out of Leeds. At the heart of the local independent scene in Leeds is CHUNK – A DIY not for profit space that caters for… Just about everything! From live shows to rehearsal space for local artists, CHUNK thrives off community. Part of that community is Unwave – a rad trio from just up the road (who also happen to be card carrying members of CHUNK!)

To strengthen our bond with the West Yorkshire city and its musical inhabitants, were delighted to present TWO new tracks from Unwave!

What began as a token of friendship to assist with the showreel of Michael Osborne (he of Bearfoot Beware fame) soon turned into a 20 minute session the trio were more than happy to take slight advantage of. Guitarist Matt said of the session:

He was far too nice to say anything even when we passed the 13 minute mark in the second track ha ha (sorry Mike). The results were far better than a demo so we thought we’d put them out as soon as they were ready, hopefully as something in between our debut album last year and the recording of another album which we’re in the process of writing.”

Following on from their debut LP ‘Distracted/Suspended‘ released last year, Unwave have put together two new gnarly post-punk bangers – the brilliantly titled ‘Paul Nuttall vs. Wikipedia‘ and the huge ‘Cancelled Phase’, an ode to inevitability.

We’ve always been a fan of big contrasts (to the point where we couldn’t choose one album title for Distracted/Suspended our debut last year so just chose them both simultaneously) and I quite like how this has carried over to these two tracks.” Says Matt. “We just chose the newest material we had lying about but they’ve turned out to complement each other pretty nicely.”

Listen to the latest from Unwave below and be sure to catch them at Renegades of Chunk III on August 26th at Chunk, with the likes of Cowtown, Living Body, Cattle and heaps more!

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